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    PR application got rejected only in 2 days after submission

    you need to reapply with a letter of intent of living some other province.
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    Immigration option for H1B with 16+ years of exp in IT

    check again, at age 40 and 7 ielts you probably wont get more than 420. you might have put in canadian exp by mistake.
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    OINP application submitted and received ITA after two days

    Yes, email them to withdraw your application and get a refund.
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    Ray of Hope - 154th Draw - CEC

    right thing to do. previously the pool was getting clogged up by the 470+ candidates. this brings some parity.
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    CoPR Expired, H1B Entry Suspended.

    Canada won't extend your copr because you want to come back to the usa after landing. It's not their problem.
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    Express entry

    you getting fired wont impact your PR if you have the required minimum exp. you definitely need the exp letter from your employer. how can we tell if your employer will give you a letter or not.
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    Express entry

    how did you enter canada?
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    Procedural Fairness Letter

    You need to respond with paystubs and tax forms.
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    Tax resident from RBC bank , PANICKING please help

    It's probably because you landed as a PR. I wouldn't worry too much about it. As long as you have evidence that you did not establish any ties to canada in 2019 other than a bank account and sin, you should be good.
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    Tax resident from RBC bank , PANICKING please help

    Simply opening a bank account doesn't Make you a resident for tax purposes. You need to have significant ties. You might want to go through this...
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    Tax resident from RBC bank , PANICKING please help

    As long as you have proof that you were not living in canada in 2019 you don't have to file taxes for 2019.
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    Wrongly entered IETLS score and received ITA.

    If the ielts reference number did not change then you can submit an loe explaining the mistake in profile. Everyone makes typos.
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    Wrong ECA number and got ITA

    Yes you need to explain in loe.
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    Ray of hope - 152nd Draw - CEC

    Thanks for the motivation buddy. I'm sitting at 433. How many points can I get by learning french. Is it easy? Should I retake ielts?
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    Ray of hope - 152nd Draw - CEC

    He is right. If you are over 36 it's close to impossible to immigrate to canada.
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    What happens if the IELTS score expires after getting an ITA?

    ielts must be valid at the date of application submission. if it expires after ITA then decline it and retake ielts.
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    Credit card debt in EE Proof of Funds(POF)

    If you disclose the debts your application will be denied as they will subtract from your pof amount. Just show the letter from the bank. No need for 6 month statements.
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    Ray of hope - 151st Draw - PNP

    Congratulations to the Candidate with the 143 score.
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    Tax on PR Newcomer's Funds?

    you will be taxed on 'income earned' during your stay in canada. not fund transfers.
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    Ray of Hope - 150th Draw - CEC

    Not really. They would be picked under a PNP only draw.