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    Opening a Canadian Bank account
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    It’s acceptable to have topic in other language? What’s your thought?

    Re: It's acceptable to have topic in other language? What's your thought? I agree with PMM that it doesn't matter, except you cannot allow only one official language. It cannot be English only. It should be English and French only if it is going to be limited at all.
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    help regardsing accomidation in toronto

    For hotels try
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    Is there any cheap flights to Calgary from Bangalore? Any Agency???

    Hi, Try It's going to be cheaper than a travel agent. P.d.R.
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    Montreal Neighborhoods - Explanations Please

    1. Plamondon-Metro Station -Not bad. Ethnically mixed. Reasonable rents. 2. Montreal-Nord-Depends where. Some rough areas. 3. Beaudry-Metro Station-Downtown in the Gay Village. 4. Saint Catherine Avenue-Very long street. Depends where. Of these choices, I would recommend around Beaudry or...
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    What Canada means to you in a short sentence?

    Awful customer service provided awesome people.
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    Immigration from US to Quebec (Help Please!)

    I would really not sweat the 8 months. Just be sure to collect evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship like phone records, photos, joint bank accounts, leases etc. Submit this with the application and you should be fine. You could apply for a study visa if you are accepted by a...
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    In need of help, Im in a unique situation.

    Sounds like you don't have much to offer at all, aside from foul-mouthed insults towards the people whos country you are living in illegally. Believe me, those arrogant Americans are as sick of you as you are of them.
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    soy nuevo en esto tengo preguntas, quisiera irme para quebek. soy siudadano amer

    Pour commencer, tu peux apprendre un peu de français. Tu vas constater que les Québecois veulent préserver leur culture et leur langue. Ils ne laissent pas des envahisseurs illégeaux détruire leur chez-soi, comme aux États-Unis. Bonne chance.
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    English only speaker -> PR on the French side..

    Hi, I'm American and immigrated to Montreal. It's really a great place to be with a thriving social life, a young, laid-back attitude and lots of educational opportunities. Regarding French: When you get here, sign up for the free government sponsored French classes. If you go through all...
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    Clearing pets through customs

    Make sure the cats each have valid passports and TRVs or else they might get selected for secondary inspection. Sorry. Don't mean to be a wiseguy...just couldn't resist. Honestly, I'm not sure.
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    Preparation for Test

    Hello Everyone, I will be submitting my application for Canadian citizenship in a couple of months and would like to start preparing for the test. PMM has posted some helpful links to preparation resources in the past, but I know that there are going to be some questions that pertain to my...
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    How Canadian are you - QUIZ

    :o Floored. 100% the first try
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    canadian citizen travelling to USA

    Apparently all it means is that the officer was not convinced that he OP would leave the US after his stay. See: Surprising, given the fact that he is a Canadian citizen.
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    Canada-US Trips !

    Let's say a person leaves Canada Saturday morning at 12:30 am. The person returns to Canada on Sunday, the next day, at 10:00 pm. My understanding is that this would not count as an absence from Canada at all, since any portion of a day spent in Canada counts as a full day in Canada. Is this wrong?
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    Will immigrants get the right job?

    My two cents: Over-regulation is to blame. The minute the government burdens businesses with too much regulation, job-creation is stifled and people have trouble getting work. For example: Foreign trained doctors should have an easier time finding work in their field. I understand the need for...
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    Do you need to make an oath to the Queen for the PR?

    I am American and have been here for almost 3 years now, which means that I will be applying for Canadian citizenship later this year. At first, I was not really sure what to think about the monarchy and I felt, as an American, it was somehow unnatural to support a queen. Also, I live in Quebec...
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    What would be my tax obligations (for Quebec)?

    Hi, He is being vague because this is very difficult to say in advance. Do you know what your salary is going to be? If so, you can estimate into which tax bracket you will fall by verifying these guidelines as per the Revenu Quebec website...
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    Finding Work - Why is it so hard!

    Personally, I have been very lucky regarding my work situation in Canada, especially since my French is not perfect. I took a hit in pay when I moved from the States, but the cost of living is also lower here, as a tuition costs. I am lucky to be in a stable situation. My two cents worth as to...
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    Minister Kenney applauds RCMP’s citizenship and immigration fraud investigation

    Re: Minister Kenney applauds RCMP's citizenship and immigration fraud investigation If those implicated in this case are naturalised citizens themselves, they should be stripped of their citizenship and deported. And there is no way they should be running free after posting only $5000 bail...