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    University of Victoria

    Hello guys, I am planning to apply for MSc in Computer Science of UofVic(British Columbia). My background is BA in International Relations(from my country) and MBA(from USA). From long-term perspective IT looks very good for me that's why I want to change my field. What do you think, if all...
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    Wanting to Know if My ECA acknowledges Master's Degree for EE

    Hi Maaznu, did you get points eventually?
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    Ottawa Case Processing Centre applicants - Lets connect here.

    Hi Sam, I hope you already recieved your Golden Email! I followed you comments about ACICS issue, so did IRCC accepted your MBA and did you get points for it even if WES did not recognize it?
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    ACICS Accredited Institutions

    Guys, I've recently done ECA from WES. They are still not recognizing ACICS. ECA date is February 08, 2019. But, I came up with one idea: what if we NOSTRIFICATE this diploma in our countries and get official report and apply it to WES and/or other organizations?
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    ACICS accredited diploma nostrification

    Hello guys, I recently did my ECA from WES. The result was negative. I have MBA from USA accredited by ACICS. But, unfortunately WES and other organizations(I did a thorough research on this issue) recognize degrees accredited only by one of 6 accrediting agencies in the USA. As a result, I...
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    Assessment Done From IQAS

    Could you quote what is written in your assessment, please?
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    Need more information on IQAS

    Glad for you! Did you transfer your credits from previous university? I am thinking to transfer credits from my ACICS accredited degree to regional accredited school if it is possible. But I am confused about next thing, if I am able to transfer credits and get degree from appropriate university...
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    Need more information on IQAS

    I am so dissapointed at these 5 organizations!
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    ACICS Accredited Institutions

    Any updates guys? I think we need to call IRCC and attract their attention on this issue!
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    Need more information on IQAS

    Bro, do not disinform people here, your school and its accreditation is very different issue. But if you wanted to say there is hope for IQAS, then thank you!
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    Need more information on IQAS

    Hi, I have similar issue. Have you tried with IQAS yet? Please share your experience!
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    I wonder which organization evaluate degree from University accredited by The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) which is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher...
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    Chances of a PR invitation at 438

    I do not think that getting married is good idea IMHO. He may lose points if his wife does not have a bachelors degree, and IELTS with 5.0 bands is not enough.
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    Unofficial work experience

    Any official statement or it is based on personal experience? Thank you!
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    Unofficial work experience

    Yes, my employer can give me a reference letter as requested. It was within last 10 years! I respect your hints/advices, but some people have opposite opinion and that is where I am confused. If you do not mind could you explain me what is your answer(sure go ahead) based on? Any official...
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    EE/FSW - Married

    Yes, score already includes her bachelors degree and her points for language. All I can try is to go for CLB10! Thank you anyway! By the way, could you give me all info of how you got a score of 476, please? I tried to various ways to get your score, but it did not work. Just trying to check how...
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    Unofficial work experience

    Hi guys, I have more than 3 years of work experience which is common sense in my country, I am from one of the former Soviet Union countries. I wonder if I can show it as my work experience or not? All I can prove it is by the owner of the entity I worked for, I got paid only by cash, no salary...
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    EE/FSW - Married

    My score with accompying spouse is 432: My language is at CLB9 - IELTS 8-7-7-7 My wife's approximate score is around 6-6-6-6, I hope so I have only 1 year of work experience, cannot max it out as I do not want to wait another 2 years and also I am loosing 5 points for my age for every next year...