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    Can international student go out of country for 1 week while studying? Will it impact the 'student status'?

    if a student wants to go for a leave while the semester is ongoing.. does the student have to ask permission from the student advisor or from each professor?
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    Can international student go out of country for 1 week while studying? Will it impact the 'student status'?

    but it says "Multiple" on the Stamp on passport. doesn't that qualify as multiple re-entries?
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    Can international student go out of country for 1 week while studying? Will it impact the 'student status'?

    She has multiple entry Student Visa already, in her 3rd semester of studying now. Will go to India and come back. Plan is Reading Week + Extra 1 week (absent). Total will be ~2 weeks of stay in India
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    Can international student go out of country for 1 week while studying? Will it impact the 'student status'?

    I know someone who has to go to home country for 1 week while studying. Let's say she gets permission from university and professors to be absent for 1 week, will it impact the 'student status' of her? Will it cause any immigration problems going out of Canada and coming back to Canada?
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    Why do all Filipinos need to join PDOS?

    what if a sponsor is a Permanent Resident of Canada but not a Filipino. In this case, does the Filipino wife needs to get PDOS or GCP?
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    Filipino Spouse - Does she needs PDOS or GCP?

    im a permanent resident in Canada and my filipino wife got COPR already. does my wife needs GCP or PDOS to be able to leave the country (Philippines)?
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    Any tips for first time house buyer?

    Our house income is on lows, ~$80,000 per year. But will increase soon. We are currently renting 2 rooms for $1300 in toronto, everything included, (lot of people said this is cheap), but its basement rooms. We are planning to buy a house, even townhouse is fine. In GTA or outside GTA, not too...
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    July 2021 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    it took us ~12 days from pre arrival letter to passport request. but different VO
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    Can we board the plane to Canada without being qualified as "fully vaccinated traveler"?

    answer the questions here: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/wizard-start then you will know your answer
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    Family Reunification reason TRV for parents?

    I am going to apply Tourist Visa for my parents. My parents will be showing the required funds/bank balance, property etc.. Can I write an explanation letter with all the required details (plans, how many days, tourist places to visit, etc..) but the reason will be "family reunification"...
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    Send photos with Application?

    imm5532, page 7, #11 - we wrote here a small paragraph explanation on how we met and how our relationship started. Then look at imm5533 - page 9 ,letter e - we provided photos from after the events written on the imm5532, page 7, #11 it doesn't have to be complicated, just share whatever you...
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    Landing in YVR for 8 hours to “activate” COPR

    what are the settlement funds you are talking about?
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    Few questions regarding Super Visa

    thanks, looks like similar requirements as tourist visa
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    Few questions regarding Super Visa

    Oh shoot.. sorry for confusion. I changed the title and questions. All of these questions were for "SUPER VISA" and not "PGP" :eek: Im hoping you can help again :(
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    Few questions regarding Super Visa

    1. I am a Canadian PR. Can I sponsor my parents (mom+dad) together in one application (for super visa)? 2. I am a Canadian PR. I know I have to show my taxes and such.. But does my parents have to show their personal income tax too or is it optional? 3. Do I have to apply for their application...
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    Where Do I Put My Passport Photo? Paper-Based Application

    when you had your passport photo taken, studio usually puts those photos in a small envelope. leave the photos inside it (make sure to follow instructions regarding signature). you can use a paper clip to temporarily close it and use a paper clip again to temporarily attach it with other...
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    Convo screenshots with English & Native Dialect

    it has to go through a certified translator. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/refugee-protection/removal-risk-assessment/translation.html in our case, we went through this one >...
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    Spouse PR application

    you just have to wait