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  1. Jakiewuyi

    Need solution

    You can sponsor only your child if you wish. You’ll have to show that the other parent agrees to your child immigrating to Canada.
  2. Jakiewuyi

    Need solution

    let me start the response with points 3. Yes. Protected persons must submit police clearance certificates (PCCs) from the countries where they have resided for more than six months since the age of 18 years. Note that PCCs are not required from the countries from which the applicant sought...
  3. Jakiewuyi

    Just got accepted what is next

    Hi @Xgonna, You only need your positive NOD to apply for your PR. Also, you’ll need the same document to apply for the Ontario health card. Here is the link of all the information required for Ontario health card application...
  4. Jakiewuyi

    Just got accepted what is next

    If you are in Quebec , you do not need to wait for CSQ before you apply for PR. Currently the processing period for CSQ is between 4 - 12 weeks. Please send your PR application immediately and you can always update your application when your CSQ has been issued by Quebec.
  5. Jakiewuyi

    Need solution

    You can sponsor your child alone in your PR application. I extracted the below information and will also drop the link so you can read it for further understanding. If you’re sponsoring just your child, without sponsoring your spouse or partner, you’ll name your child as the principal...
  6. Jakiewuyi


    As mentioned in the beginning of my statement, the information is based on my experience. I did what I believe is right for me by traveling with both my RTD and PR Card. You can always do whatever works for you. No hard feelings.
  7. Jakiewuyi


    ***Long Post Alert Good day everyone. I quickly want to share my travel experience to the United States using my RTD and I will divide it into 2 parts. Every information I shared was based on my experience and might be different from others. TRAVEL TO US After the security checks at Toronto...
  8. Jakiewuyi

    Protected Person can buy house with mortgage?

    Yes, my down payment was 5%.
  9. Jakiewuyi

    Protected Person can buy house with mortgage?

    I got the mortgage from TD Bank with my positive Notice of Decision.
  10. Jakiewuyi

    Refugee - Travel and sponsor inquiry

    unfortunately, you cannot travel to your home country. If you do, your case will be treated as a cessation of protection. This means that in situations when a person who was conferred Canadian refugee status no longer needs that protection or where that protection is no longer justified. You can...
  11. Jakiewuyi

    H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

    Stories like yours are clear evidence of what God cannot do does not exist. I pray everyone is this situation have a breakthrough. Congratulations. I am happy for you.
  12. Jakiewuyi

    Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

    congratulations to you.
  13. Jakiewuyi

    Date to become Protected Following Court Session?

    The correct date to use is the NOD date. Members give verbal approval of hearing but what is considered during citizenship calculations is the written date on your NOD.
  14. Jakiewuyi


    Congratulations to you. Enjoy your vacation in the United States.
  15. Jakiewuyi

    BOC - Refugee **Urgent**

    Do you have a lawyer? I’ll suggest that you work with your lawyer to update your BOC.
  16. Jakiewuyi

    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

    I feel you completed the forms correctly. If you need more validation, there are some NGOs that can help you proofread your application forms to ensure that nothing is missing.
  17. Jakiewuyi

    Refugee Claimant - August 2022

    You cannot apply for CSQ until you have received a positive notice of decision from IRCC.
  18. Jakiewuyi

    new sin&p r card time line plz

    Congratulations of the approval of your refugee case. In order to get your PR card, you must apply for permanent residency ( I’m sure you have done that). Yes. You can travel to Sri Lanka provided it’s not your country of origin. I suggest that you call the embassy to verify if a RTD is...
  19. Jakiewuyi

    new sin&p r card time line plz

    Have you received your COPR? Your PR card will be mailed to you after you’ve received your eCOPR. Also, you can walk into any Service Canada office to change your SIN.