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    New Express Entry Profile- Canadian Education - Zero Points

    I have the exact same issue as you. What did you eventually do?
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    Timeline for PGWP, no emails were received. May 14 (portal shows May 15): Applied July 23: Eligibility review July 26: Final Decision
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    Driving License Extract (from India) Query?

    Hi, I submitted my application and downloaded the form(pre-filled). It also has pages of medical certificate which need to be signed by a DR. Is medical certificate required for getting DL Extract?
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    Visa on old passport

    I have a Study Permit stamped on my passport. I am due to travel in August. Before that I am thinking to apply for passport renewal. So in this case, I will have old cancelled passport with visa and a new passport. Can you tell if this was the same as your case and you did not face any issue in...
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    Visa on old passport

    Hey, can you tell how did this go for you to help others?
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    study permit

    Can you tell us how it went for you so that it can help the others
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    June Non-SDS online Applicants

    Me too at the same time. I had given biometrics on 12th June. Do you know how much more time it may take after this?
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    June Non-SDS online Applicants

    Hi, Did you receive this last night? Correspondence letter and medical passed
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    General category visa for sept 2019 intake

    Hey, what does the second acknowledgement letter say?
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    Study Permit 2019 : A timeline for those who are going to apply

    9th June Non SDS. U applied under SDS?
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    Study Permit 2019 : A timeline for those who are going to apply

    I applied online on 9th, gave biometrics on 12th. No updates after that. Has anything else changed for you? Like Medical?
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    Gather on this thread to get to know some new applicants applied in June through SDS!

    Hey, the last I got was a Biometric Instruction Letter. I gave biometrics 1 week back. After that no update. What is the confirmation letter and biometric correspondence letter?
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    Study Permit 2019 : A timeline for those who are going to apply

    Hey, Did you apply online? If yes, what is a student acknowledgement letter?
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    Signatures on family form

    In online submission, you can digitally sign the application at the end when paying fee. So not mandatory to sign the family info pdf.
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    Online Non SDS Updates

    Hey Guys, Has anyone applied for Study permit Non SDS Online? What are the message updates we get post Biometrics? How much time does it take to process the visa?