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    Passport to London Visa Office Timeline

    Did you receive your passport with copr?
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    Passport to London Visa Office Timeline

    July 18 Submitted Dublin VFS July 21 Arrived London Visa Office Now waiting.... waiting.. no more news:rolleyes:
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    Passport to London Visa Office Timeline

    No. Submitted July 19. Dublin VFS, London VO.
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    hi! good evening from Yangon Myanmar, I am trying for Canada since 2017, but no body help me yet, please help me how to do process. I want to Canada.

    check your CRS Score first. CRS Calculator: Calculate Your Express Entry CRS Score | Canadavisa.com
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    Passport to London Visa Office Timeline

    How many days will take to send my passport from Dublin VFS to the London office? My passport courier reached Dublin VFS today morning. But I did not receive any confirmation message/SMS from Dublin VFS.
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    Thank you RN_0001. Thank you for your valuable time and advice. I have one doubt. I hope you already passed Jurisprudence exam. Can you suggest which study material/book to pass Jurisprudence exam. I have latest code of Ethics 2017. Is this enough to pass Jurisprudence exam ? Please reply.
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    No. They did not mentioned anything. Just mentioned two lines only. "You are receiving this e-mail as an applicant to the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Our records indicate that you are required to complete the CNO's jurisprudence examination as part of your application for registration...
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    Received NNAS Advisory Report 'Not Comparable' , Applied CNO RN Registered nurse, dated on July 2017 Yesterday I got mail from CNO for writing Jurisprudence Exam. I am 4 yrs BSC Nurse and also completed NCLEX RN. My question is, after I write Jurisprudence Exam what is the next step. Am I...
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    Time line of getting csq after updating documents for intention of reject docs O

    What is your timeline & Nationality please....
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    QSWP NOV 2015(Paper Application) Preliminary Review

    Why don't you contact to MIDI again ?? Few mounts ago it showed 'Verification Documents Nov - 2015'. Not Preliminary Review.
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    Caq info.

    When did you apply ? Did you get file number ? When ever you calling MIDI ?
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    Adding baby

    What is your Nationality ?.
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    What is your Nationality ?.
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    November 2015 Quebec Skilled Worker

    Your nationality please...
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    Kindly anyone provide to me the CNO Email or customer care phone number to enquire my file status. I can not find the customer care email or phone number from their 'Contac Us' Page.
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    I applied for CNO. I got my first attempt IELTS Score. I got my IELTS score as writing 6.5, Speaking 7.5, Reading 7.5, and listening 8. Currently I don’t have writing 7 which is the required score. But underneath the language requirements section, one sentence is mentioned as "These are the...
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    Now I am not in Ontario, now I am in india