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  1. krishnalynn

    Soon to expire IEC - Inland sponsorship - implied status??

    CIC is notoriously bad at giving mixed answers on this. You cannot keep legally working under implied status.
  2. krishnalynn

    COMMON LAW PARTNER- need your help.tnx

    Common law requires that you live together, no excuses. It doesn't matter that you weren't able to live together, there's no way to apply for an exemption by proving that it wasn't possible.
  3. krishnalynn

    need some advice before applying common law sponsorship

    You have lots of relationship proof, you'll be okay. You don't need to have pictures of you guys being affectionate in public and I'm sure CIC would understand. If they need more proof, they will request it from you and not just deny the application with no explanation. I know the part of the...
  4. krishnalynn

    Letter regarding lack of police report?

    I had no proof that I sent in for my police check and I was never given any trouble about it, for what it's worth. I just had a little note that said it had been applied to ___ date and will forwarded when received.
  5. krishnalynn

    implied status and expiring Social Insurance Card?

    What type of open work permit do you hold?
  6. krishnalynn


    Where are you on the process? Have you already gotten SA? I had a few months of hearing nothing before DM, very very normal and expected. You can order GCMS notes if you really want to know where in the process you're at.
  7. krishnalynn

    US outland applicants' thread :)

    I used to Paypal myself money from my Canadian account to my American account but the conversion fees and exchange rate were awful. My bank (TD) wouldn't approve me for a US dollar banking account because they kept insisting it was for Canadian citizens only and made me bring in a Canadian...
  8. krishnalynn

    US outland applicants' thread :)

    Got CoPR yesterday! ;D I'll definitely still be lurking around this forum and replying to everyone even after I land!
  9. krishnalynn

    No DM/contact from CIC yet, should I contact CIC?

    You're still pretty early for getting DM. I would request GCMS notes though if you'd like to see where you stand. Way too early for getting an MP involved. I haven't seen much of anyone getting DM from February, that's ridiculously fast.
  10. krishnalynn


    Just wanted to let everyone know I got my CoPR in the mail yesterday :) I'll be landing when I get home from visiting my parents in California in a few weeks!
  11. krishnalynn


    I got DM on my spouse's birthday!
  12. krishnalynn

    Can you help me to find a job in Calgary?

    You're going to have to put some effort into it, the job market in Calgary is pretty competitive in some fields. I would recommend working on a good resume and finding jobs on sites like Indeed, kijiji, or Canada job bank. Good luck.
  13. krishnalynn

    Advice Please! Common-law

    You will only be able to apply starting the day you are officially common law, December 2016. All of your options seem like good proof. Don't worry about getting rejected, if they have doubts they will always contact you and ask for more proof or schedule an interview, they wouldn't just...
  14. krishnalynn

    Is this enough proof of a common-law relationship?

    I just got approved and that's about the same amount of evidence I proved.
  15. krishnalynn


    I'm an outland applicant residing in Canada on a work permit. Originally from USA.
  16. krishnalynn


    DM this morning :) I was one of those last Ottawa people without DM from November, FYI.
  17. krishnalynn


    Got Decision Made this morning! I guess that "Due Date" on GCMS notes really does mean something. While I'm happy, I just have so much sadness for how long this process takes for the applicants left waiting for months with no updates. I felt like I was going crazy the last month checking...
  18. krishnalynn


    I'm a Nov 2nd applicant and my RPRF was requested on March 13th. Still no DM or updates. I'm not sure what they're doing.
  19. krishnalynn


    Yea they said my case officers code and due date as today. I did some googling and some people say it means nothing others say it's when the system prompts them to look at it. Not putting a ton of faith in it but I'm disappointed in the fact my app is approved but no one has gotten around to...
  20. krishnalynn


    Still no DM for me, it's been a month since they marked my eligibility as passed in GCMS notes. RPRF paid weeks ago too. Sigh. I was hoping it would come today since that was marked as the "due date" in my notes but wishful thinking i guess. Let this be a lesson to everyone - PAY RPRF UPFRONT!