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    Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)

    Hello,Did you should application for 1 person or 2?.Am confused if both parents need separate applications
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    Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)

    Hello All,Am doing application for both my parents and the new portal only allows to add one file to each document category.Can i upload documents for both parents in one application or it has to be separate applications?
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    Is there anyone who applied for Police clearance for Qatar through Metrash?

    Anyone know how to apply qatar pcc from outside country
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    OCTOBER 2020 OUTLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Sent application today
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    Working as pizza cook

    The Cook is NOC B and the job title pizza cook is showing under sub category of of cook.
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    Working as pizza cook

    Hello Everyone. I am just graduating this month in hotel management diploma in ontario .I got an offer to work as a pizza cook in a local pizza shop.They are not eligible to provide a LMIA but can i apply under canadian experience class after 1year with the job offer.Is the pizza cook a skilled...