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    Pr expired 2 years ago

    Two options: 1) Fly to the US, re-enter Canada through a land border using a private vehicle, and hope you are not reported at the border for failing to meet the residency obligation. If you are not reported, remain in Canada for 2 years without leaving to meet the residency obligation and then...
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    Is this a good plan to immigrate to Canada as an international student?

    The studies you plan to take in Canada should be related to your previous education and work experience (i.e. aviation). Otherwise you may struggle to get the study permit approved. Yes, many of Canada's immigration programs are points-based. A two year program in Canada + Canadian work...
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    Job Conformation Letter

    This is fake and a scam.
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    Advice for better PR chances?

    What others have said. Start by learning French, make sure you have maxed out your IELTS scores, see if your employer will do an LMIA. But start by learning French now.
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    Does mutual fund license count as a certificate of qualification

    No, it does not. Points are on scored for certifications of qualifications related to trades.
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    Spousal sponsorship

    Eligibility, background, and security check should be next. Posted processing time for Quebec applicants is two years right now. This is due to the caps the Quebec government has put in place. So in short, expect that it may take two years to process your application from the time it was...
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    2023 Criminal Rehabilitation Processing Times

    You can try sending a case specific inquiry: https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx
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    Canadian Work Experience - Full Time Work Done Under Co-op.

    You can only count work experience from the day you submitted your PGWP application. The co-op cannot be counted towards Canadian work experience. If this is how your friend has done it, then he can expect a refusal once IRCC processes his application.
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    Getting married on visitor visa and coming back while PR partner applies for open spouse work permit.

    You can leave Canada as long as your partner is sponsoring you outland. Your partner must remain in Canada.
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    Quebec or Ontario application

    It means the Quebec government has place limits on how many PR visas can be issued each year. This is impacting spousal sponsorship applications and resulting in much longer processing times than the rest of the country.
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    anyone who applied under Humanitarian and Compassionate ground?

    Discussions are in the Refugee / Asylum section of the forum. Look for the large H&C thread there.
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    Getting married on visitor visa and coming back while PR partner applies for open spouse work permit.

    You don't qualify for an open work permit based on marriage alone. To qualify for an open work permit, you first need to get married. Then your partner must submit a spousal sponsorship application and wait for AOR (this takes 2-3 months). Only then can you qualify to apply for an open work permit.
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    Need Job

    There are no free visas.
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    Lots of people do post job offers here and also employer details to get help in confirming if the job offer is genuine. This happens all of the time. They simply remove the personal / private details such as their name, etc. It's your choice of course. No one here is an immigration lawyer or...
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    Can we apply PRTD twice?

    PRTDs can be multiple entry. You should check yours to see if it is single or multiple. If single, then you can apply for another one.
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    Supervisa document requirements

    Post to the Visitors section of the forum.
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    Your choice of course. Without further details, I don't think any of us can help you further. The agency needs to contact the province to request an update.
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    OINP - Employer Job Offer : Foreign worker stream

    No - not necessarily. If there is an issue OINP is investigating related to the EOI, it could potentially take quite a bit longer.