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    Sponering infant on trp / but trp expiring in 3 months

    Has he already applied for her sponsorship? It's fairly common as far as I know to get an extension if the application is already in progress
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    Giving birth in Canada without provincial healthcare coverage (NOT BIRTH TOURISM)

    Just to be clear, the waiting period referenced is for travel insurance that you'd get for someone not yet eligible for provincial health care. Private insurance through an employer wouldn't really need to cover pregnancy related stuff because provincial health care does cover pregnancy and...
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    Giving birth in Canada without provincial healthcare coverage (NOT BIRTH TOURISM)

    NB is the same, and I believe NS is too. Thanks for your congrats on the other post, and I wish you and your growing family all the best as you welcome your child!
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    Giving birth in Canada without provincial healthcare coverage (NOT BIRTH TOURISM)

    Suggesting them merely as a place that would have a list of prenatal care options, and likely deals with people without OHIP frequently. I'm familiar with what they do and don't do. And they DO have lists of prenatal care options for a variety of circumstances
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    Giving birth in Canada without provincial healthcare coverage (NOT BIRTH TOURISM)

    Google crisis pregnancy centre [name of your town]. They are places that help women find prenatal care. Typically used when a pregnancy is unplanned, but they know a lot about what's available in your area for prenatal care. So, have given birth twice, and being pregnant again, a heads up that...
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    Giving birth in Canada without provincial healthcare coverage (NOT BIRTH TOURISM)

    Have you tried calling a hospital and asking to get put through to the billing department and asking them directly what costs are? Presumably there's a standard room rate per day etc. Also, if you haven't already, have you confirmed at what point after delivery Ohip kicks in for the newborn? If...
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    Question about "dependant" child

    When we moved to Canada from the states our then 14 month old's Canadian citizenship certificate application was still processing. We had zero problems at the border. They needed her birth cert with her Canadian parent listed, proof of her Canadian parents' citizenship (i.e. his passport, and...
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    Provide information regarding your religious beliefs - Ok, we are Muslims, what else?

    They are looking to see if the spouses are the same or different religions. So just write that you are both Muslims. They don't need to know your views on anything just what you are
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    "provide details such as who attended?" what details? and why?

    We did not give a complete guest list. It was something like "Wife's parents, siblings, and 20 other aunts/uncles/cousins. Husband's mother, step dad, father, grandmother, and 6 aunts/uncles/cousins. The rest of the guests (63) were friends of either the bride or groom." Then yes, separately on...
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    How much savings are needed to sponsor someone?

    As others have said, there's no official amount of savings. Something you can do to help strengthen your application is to show proof that you are looking for work in Canada, and/or doing what needs to be done to get credentials accepted in Canada. Are you both outside of Canada? Fwiw, we had...
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    Spouse sponsorship while not working

    Technically yes. My husband was unemployed (a graduate student) when we applied, but he was applying for jobs and showed proof of his job searches, that he was in school, and our savings. You will likely need to show something similar - i.e. that you can support your husband for 3 years, even if...
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    moving w/vehicle into Canada

    The links Scylla provided give a good overview. It seems overwhelming at first but it's actually not bad. Just be sure you have all the documents and the title and the officers on both sides of the border know what to do.
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    Undisclosed Marriage for PA

    This is most definitely NOT a do it yourself situation. Get a lawyer. As for the rapport... Consider that it could be an interrogation technique to loosen up interviewees to try to get them to let their guard down. Don't risk worsening a problem on "good rapport"
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    Question regarding common law status for spousal sponsorship

    Hmmmm. I guess I disagree that having been denied a TRV is a liability. Attempting to be together in Canada seems to be an asset in the vast majority of cases on here (with exceptions made for people who have lied on the TRV and are exposing themselves to trouble with discrepancies between the...
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    Question regarding common law status for spousal sponsorship

    @YVR-MNL if you're worried about proving common law and there's not some sort of impediment you haven't mentioned (or you did and I missed it in your posts) getting married would solve some of your documentation problems. @Kaibigan out of curiosity/for my edification, why is having your wife's...
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    Medical exam confusion(appreciate anyone helping)

    If I recall correctly they give you an ime and barcode on the medical request because it's needed for the doctor to get your exam results matched up with you. The fact there's a number and barcode has no association with if you did or did not have a medical exam in 2017, especially because the...
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    Spose Sponsorship after Sponsoring Parents

    My husband had been out of Canada for close to 7 years when he sponsored me and it wasn't a problem. You'll need to show intent to return to Canada (job applications, looking for housing (or in your case of you've been renting out the house or something making arrangements to end whatever has...
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    Signature for dependant child on application

    Not sure how it works with the checklist now that the application is online, but when it was a paper application you just wrote "N/A" for things weren't applicable like income info for minor kids. Don't know why they ask for more proof of relationship, but provide what you have/what they ask for.
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    Marrying an Indian citizen as Canadian citizen

    But there's a Canadian equivalent, correct? And places that want things apostilled typically want the Canadian equivalent.That was my understanding when researching something we thought we needed to do (but never did so not sure exactly how it works)
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    Marrying an Indian citizen as Canadian citizen

    Where are you planning on getting married? Is your future spouse in India or Canada? Are you asking for details about the actual marriage process or about sponsoring your spouse?