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    Super visa Rejected for Self Employed Applicant -Doubt

    This is always an issue for the self-employed. People try to minimize their income for tax purposes but then that usually disqualifies them for supervisa and PGP. They need to see your personal salary not how much money you have in your business. You need to pay yourself more to qualify for...
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    Getting Pediatrician for New Born moving from US

    Just clarifying that your baby will also need to meet the residency requirements. You seem to be working and living in the US so if your wife’s on maternity leave she and the baby can’t spend the year after the baby is born in the US. Assume both of you are filing taxes in Canada even if your...
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    CKD patient for Newfoundland PNP

    Really depends on the condition she has and average age of needing a kidney transplant. What stage is she at with her kidney disease? The fact that both of you will need major operations will also be a factor. Would provide whatever information you have from doctors with their prognosis and...
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    CKD patient for Newfoundland PNP

    Really depends on the condition she has and average age of needing a kidney transplant with that condition. What stage is she at with her kidney disease? The higher stage the more concern. The fact that both of you will need major operations will also be a factor.
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    UN-EMPLOYED- Sponsorship Evaluation - IMM 5481

    Your should apply and update her file when she starts working. She can include her husband’s financial information as additional information.
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    UN-EMPLOYED- Sponsorship Evaluation - IMM 5481

    You do have to show that you can care for your family without government help.
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    Alberta Health Card (Add a spouse).

    Duplicate post
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    When PGP will be open for new eligible profiles?

    As others have said PGP selection was never guaranteed. Even if you did apply the chance of selection is low. There is never a guarantee that family can join a PR or citizen in Canada. Your H&C argument would be based on the small chance of being selected if EOI had reopened. With the volume...
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    Visitor health insurance

    What is your status? Will your wife and child be remaining in Alberta for the year. So the baby would need to be in Alberta for a year from the birth. A short vacation of a few weeks will likely be overlooked.
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    Chances to immigrate to Canada please

    Is there a reason you want to move to Canada? Do you want to practice law? You would need to qualify as a lawyer in Canada and Canada has a surplus of lawyers. We do need truck drivers.
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    Special Needs Child

    Just clarifying that any services you would receive would have to be out of pocket. Easily could be 100k per year. You would have to prearrange therapy and get letters from the therapy providers and provide proof that you’d be able to pay out of pocket for therapy as well as living costs when...
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    Applying for Canadian visit visa from a different country?

    Posted processing times are just estimated averages and can often be incorrect. If processed through AI can take weeks but can take months if there is a manual review so hard to estimate how long your personal processing will be. Agree much better to apply from your home country
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    Super visa extension and Passport Expiry

    Yes they will need to apply for a new supervisa when outside of Canada. They can attempt to extend their time visiting Canada without a new supervisa. When they are unable to get an extension they will have to return home.
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    Temporary public policy for nationals of Iran in Canada

    The program is not meant to allow Iranian citizens to skip normal procedures for qualifying for a WP. This was really meant for the people who were already in Canada when the protests started. There are no guarantees you will get a WP as a new arrival. You would be applying for extend your...
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    Health card for sponsored parent

    Is your mother planning on staying in Ontario for over 6 months, the first 5 out of 6 months and making her permanent home in Canada? If not she won’t qualify for OHIP. You both need a valid health card and to be planning on meeting the residency requirements to qualify or you can be asked to...
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    Health technologist from Afghanistan.

    This website isn’t associated with the Canadian government
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    Hi I am mbbs graduate from india and doing ms anatomy from government institute in India , I want to settle in Canada what are the ways ?

    There isn’t a fixed amount. Depends on whether you will work when studying for your licensing exam, where you live, etc. Would reserve around 10k for licensing and other requirements. The bigger issue is the fact there is no guarantee that you’ll ever get to secure a residency. Licensing...
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    CKD patient for Newfoundland PNP

    Would also add that unless you have a donor lined up it will take years to get a kidney transplant from someone anonymous who has died. It sounds like she has a genetic condition that will eventually require dialysis or a transplant. The IRCC physician will evaluate her test results and look...
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    LMIA Exempt Work Permit validity after Layoff by employer

    If he is able to claim EI he is not working for the employer. You can’t be laid off and be employed at the same time. If IRCC sees that he is receiving EI or calls his employer they will say that he is not working he has been laid off. If the employer gets another project he will be rehired...