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    PR Card Timeline (Through Online Portal after ECOPR)

    Is it necessary to link pr card application to gc account? I am too waiting for PR card
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    CEC Application- June 2021 AOR *** Join here

    ITA - march Had to travel outside Canada due to urgency Flight banned AOR - 12 th June with address change PR approved - August But I am outside canada and not allowed for virtual landing. As per instructions if outside canada reply email and they will check what can done Nothing received yet...
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    PR approved but outside Canada

    Hi, I recieved my ITA under CEC when I was in Canada but had travel out due to urgency. Had to Change my address during file submission as flight ban was imposed and can't travel back under 3months timeline. l got my PR approval email in September but since I was not in Canada, my virtual...
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    PR Approved but outside canada

    Hi, I got ITA in march when I was in Canada but I had to travel back to India under circumstances so wasn't able to submit file there. Coming to India I changed my address and submitted my file since flight ban was there and I can't travel back within timeline of file submittion. I got my PR...