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    Family class open work permit

    Hi all, I need to sponsor PR for my wife who is outside Canada. I see that now she can come with open work permit before her PR application is processed. So wanted to clarify few things. Is it recommended that I apply TRV first and then submit PR application once she is here and apply for open...
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    Hi all, I just received PR portal email, AOR July 20, CEC Inland But I'm travelling outside Canada this week, in the email they have asked if I'm in Canada or when I will be back. Wanted some guidance as to should I say I'm not in Canada and add my return date and reply to the email. Could...
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    <<<<<<JULY 2022 AOR>>>>>>>>

    Any CEC updates so far? I have received no updates yet AOR 27 July
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    Travel without PR card

    Can I travel outside Canada if I have received my COPR but not the card yet? I'm currently on a PGWP
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    Visitor visa for parents processing time

    Hi, I've applied for visitor visa for my parents in April, 2021 from India. They have completed their biometrics in July,2021. But have not received any updates after that. Could anyone here please provide approximate timelines as to when I can expect them to receive their TRV ? Thanks!
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    Anyone applied for their permit on Feb 14th and still waiting for an update ?
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    CO-OP work permit Employment location issue

    Could you please share your timeline?
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    question about COOP Work permit

    I applied on Feb 14th, and haven't received any upupdates yet.
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    Co-op work permit with COVID - 19 updates?

    I'm also in the same situation. Do you guys have any updates ?
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    I had applied for CO-OP work permit on Feb 14th and still haven't got any updates. Anyone else who has applied for CO-OP permit ? Could you please share timeliness?
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    I've applied for CO-OP WP on Feb 14, still no updates.