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    Application for Canadian Citizenship - A Comprehensive Guide

    Is this an issue if some one was unemployed for over 1 year after moving to Canada on express entry? Does this has any impact on the citizenship application??
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    Official Transcripts and Letter of Employment after Citizenship Interview

    Can anyone tell me at what stage it is clear that IRCC has cleared all previous work and educational verifications. I though once you get the interview invite that means IRCC has cleared all previous background history and interview only involves back knowledge about the Canada.
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    Answer to Filing taxes question when filling application in January

    Does IRCC compare the T4 employers with the employment history mentioned in the last 5 year or having 3 years of taxes filed is just a separate requirement? and can IRCC ask for employment verification for last 6th year for someone who is living in Canada for over 5 years on PR?
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    Enter details of all your employment and education history in the past 5 years (your eligibility period)

    Hi, 1) What is the eligibility period start date- the date I got PR approval or the date I first time entered Canada on PR,? If someone enters for 2 days and goes back to the US and comes back to Canada to stay permanently after 6 month. Should be the eligibility period starts from when the...
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    Mother's Name issue- No Last Name

    I had the same issue- no 2nd name of mother on my passport although she uses last name on her passport. Because I was applying alone (without parents). I wrote the same name in First & Second name field AND explained this in the LOE (letter of explanation) that on my passport and other documents...
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    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    I am also in US. I did soft landing last week. Although, most likely I will move to Canada in December 2019. What I heard is Toronto area is fine. Toronto airport is in Mississauga.
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    Paper PR to re-enter Canada

    Thanks for replying. I contacted him again and this time he says you can't board the plane with just CORP and to travel again back to Canada I will need the PR card with me. Do you think it is safe to get the PR card mailed back to me in US once it arrives at my relative's house in Canada?
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    Paper PR to re-enter Canada

    One of my friend who got PR told me at the port of entry Officer told him that he can use this paper PR to travel between US and Canada. He never traveled with the Paper PR he got at the port of entry but later he got it mailed back to him in US by his relative. I am thinking to do the same to...
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    Paper PR to re-enter Canada

    What do you mean by Commercial mode of transport? Can I travel back to Canada by airplane ? Someone just told me I have to stay there or I will not be able to re-enter without the actual PR card.
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    PR Card Address to mail

    Hi, I want to confirm for the PR card mailing address which they ask at the port of entry, can I provide different city address than Toronto which is my city of destination.
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    Paper PR to re-enter Canada

    I am planing to do my first landing in couple of weeks to receive/activate my PR and return back to US in couple of days. As the actual PR card will take 2-3 months, I am concerned if I can use the Paper PR they issue at the port of entry to re-enter Canada before getting the actual PR card?
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    I picked my destination city as Toronto. One of my relative lives in Brampton which very close to Toronto. So my question is, can I mention Brampton address after landing for the PR card mailing address OR it has to be a Toronto address?
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    I am in US also. I mailed them my passport via Fedex to CPC – Ottawa – PR 365 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa ON K1A 1L1 It should be mentioned in the information letter you received in the portal. Please check it properly, it says "If you have a mailing address in the U.S.A.:".
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    Well, Today, Next day after approval the Tracker got activated. (Btw, I got the email today about account update (for approval) which happened day before)
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    For me it didn't happen same day. The normal time appears to be 7 days after the approval but still hoping it will get activated very soon!
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    I got the approval update today; passport received - 15th May. So you probably get the update tomorrow.
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    Just got application approved after 12 days. How many days it further can take for the return tracker to get activated ?
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    My case Passport sent : May 15, 2019 Application Approved : waiting Return Pass Port Tracker : Not Activated.
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    PPR to COPR Journey - PPR in JAN/FEB-19

    my letter says " If you are holder of passport(s) from countries whose citizens need a visa to travel to Canada, you will need to submit the passport for you and for each accompanying family member. To avoid complications with international travel, it is recommended that your passport(s) be...