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    Proof Of Funds PNP

    If IRCC asked for POF, and they can do at any stage, then you will be in trouble. Better to keep your POF above the required amount till the approval of your application.
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    Proof Of Funds PNP

    1- you are free to do whatever you want with your money. The purpose of it to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family members if any. 2- you can transfer it once your PR application is approved. 3- draft back cheque, money transfer thru bank or whatever other...
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    Does PNP worth it?

    PNP for outland is extremely hard now, and agents will always push you to get money as you said, unless u have relative or connection to province in Canada, then don't waste ur money with an agent.
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    Non-Express Entry(PNP) Online Applications Gather here

    You will not get portal 1 and 2 those are for inland applications only, you will just get ur RFV mail and will get your COPR when you get your PP back.
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    Extensive Delay in PNP PR Processing by IRCC...

    The sooner is better, as long as you have no issue with the cost, its roughtly 4000 CAD.
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    Extensive Delay in PNP PR Processing by IRCC...

    You can opt to file writ of mandamus through lawer in Canada, mostly you are stuck in security screening.
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    Non-Express Entry(PNP) Online Applications Gather here

    I think it is required as per the check list, they imphasis on TEER4 and 5 to include it as well, to clarify that it is not and exception any more. This is my understanding, so if u have it, better attach it.
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    Non-Express Entry(PNP) Online Applications Gather here

    As far as I remember there is a check list for the required documents on the portal website, you should follow it and it will be sufficient.
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    August 2021 provincial nominee applicant

    If you are outland, then u should do the remedicals as it is required to have valid medicals for 6 months before PPR.
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    I Want to apply Provincial Nomination Program Immigration.

    You can go through each province website and check the eligibility criteria in order to determine which one can be applicable to your situation, for example, some provinces require job offer, family connection and previous study in the province.
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    Just calm down guys. @trymebeyonce2020 we are here to help each other and giving honest opinion that does not mean that they are hateful, the point here that Canadian job market is as competitive as any other country, and being new immigrant needs alot of effort and start from scratch most of...
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    Non-Express entry AOR in December 2022, no update since then....

    It's okay, some times GCMS is delayed for sometime, you can call them to confirm the status of ur application to make sure that it is on the system
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    Non-Express Entry(PNP) Online Applications Gather here

    No body knows, security can take from 1 days to a year, alot of ppl stuck in security for months, Hopefully u will get it done soon, from what I have noticed that later application get finalized quicker than old ones.
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    Three reasons for choosing Manitoba

    Just be careful and don't copy and paste from any sample, write in ur own words and do some research on the destination city to have some specific details in it, such as Companies and schools names, etc.
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    Application is being sent to a CPO for review - AOR June 2018. Please help me understand this GCMS note.

    They are checking your eligibility for two aspects, 1st is the employment offer letter , and the 2nd is whether the provincial nomination is still valid by the province, since we don't know the province response to them, then we can't tell whether they will continue with ur application or return...
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    Non-Express Entry(PNP) Online Applications Gather here

    The processing standards is what they are aiming for, however, this can not be achieved with current backlog, also another factors are to be considered by IRCC, such as quota and their targets each year, the inconsistent for giving PRs to recent files and slowly liquidity of backlog is depending...
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    2021-2022 on wards Paper Based PR Applicants (PNP) waiting for AOR/MR/PPR/COPR - Let's join here and share application updates and status

    1- it should be OK, don't worry about the late response as long as it is within the time frame. 2- no body knows , u can get portal 2 right away, and it may take time , it depends on IRCC there is no consistency for recieving portals and ECOPRs. Hope u get both right away.