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    Going back to home country while application is still in process

    Hi guys, Hoping any one can enlighten me in my current situation. I have submitted my online application for SOWP last Dec 26, 2013 and it is to be processed in Abu Dhabi as I am currently living in Oman. I am planning to go back to my home country permanently in the next couple of months...
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    Got an email from CIC, but no update in my account

    Hi guys, need your advice please. I got a message from my personal email from CIC that my application has been updated and that I should log in to myCIC account. However when I checked my account, there is no update and no mesaage either. I tried to email the embassy bu I just received an...
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    Nomination letter from employer

    Hi Seniors and Experts, need your advise pls. I just recently received my work permit and would be travelling to Canada soon. I will be working in Alberta as Retail Sales Rep. (Noc C). I was informed that since I will be working in Alberta, I can request for a nomination letter from my...