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    Landing process medical condition

    Hello dear forumites, I would like to know what question they ask during landing procedure. Do they ask about medical condition which they already know?
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    HIV and statutory questions and more

    Hello dear forumites, I am about to submit my ITA, however I have encountered a question in Statutory Question section " have u had serious disease, physical or mental disorder?" I am not quite sure what to answer yes or no? I am a person living with HIV and taking medications to have it under...
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    Post ITa document scan

    Hello Forumites, I know that this topic has been meticulously discussed many times over the period, however, I have couple of questions regarding document scans. 1. First of all, on official site of IRCc it is stated that they require passport's biographical data containing page, yet many of...
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    National identify document urgent

    Hello guys please can you help me out with the following questions: Q1 is permanent residency card considered as national identify document.. if yes, should I enter it during creation of express entry profile because it says if I don't have travel document or passport I need to enter national...
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    Medical inadmissibility rules changes

    Dear forumites, Can you please help me out with the following. You know I have been browsing articles regarding medical inadmissibility rules changes and came across with the information that those changes will be effective from 1 June. Regarding tripled threshold for excessive demand. Q1. I...
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    Private insurance for HiV positive person

    Hi dear Fellows, I would like to know if there is any private insurance one can buy being HIV positive outside of Canada for proof of a mitigation plan for Permanent Residency under FSW programming stream. The insurance should cover anti HIV drugs generics. Where can one find such kind an...