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    Question on Returned Application.

    I submitted my citizenship application and it was received last October 2019, Unfortunately my application was returned last January 2020 due to a missing upper lines or part of the page 6 (Printing error) of CIT-0002 that I have to reprint and resubmit. My application form has the number...
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    Processing of resubmission - citizenship application

    Hello Everyone, I submitted my citizenship application last october 2019 but unfortunately it was returned due to missing part on the application form 002 page 6. Printing error, The first three lines are missing. I was instructed to give the correct one, No need to start a new application...
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    Question 10B

    Question 10 B. on Citizenship application form. CIT0002 B.In past four years, were you in a country or territory other than Canada for 183 days or more in a row (since the age of 18)? Hello Guys, I arrived in Canada last Nov 2017 as a tourist and became PR last July 2017. Inland Spouse...
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    Absence from Canada Specific (Physical Presence Calculator)

    Hello everyone, I wanna thank you in advance. I was trying to double check if I did it correctly on inputing the details on the physical presence calculator. I left or exit Canada last April 2019 at Pearson Airport going to HK. But from HK I went on another trip to Europe and returned to...
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    annual income requirements for sponsoring parents/grandparents

    Hello Guys, We know that on the 28th is the submission of intent for sponsoring parents/grandparents. I already filed 3 times for my taxation and my annual income is the following. 2016 - CAD $10,000.00 (Started Working in Canada- October 26, 2016) Working papers received Sept 2016 2017 - CAD...
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    Citizenship Calculator always Error

    Hello Guys, I was trying to calculate my presence through cic for citizenship calculator but if i choose the last option it wont work. Here are the details Below. Landed July 6, 2017 (inland Sponsorship) Arrive in Canada: November 27, 2015 Open Work Permit Received: September 6, 2016. Date of...
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    Citizenship Eligibility

    Guys under the new law, Bill C-6 when can i apply for citizenship? Arrived November 2015 as Tourist (Part of our plan to apply for inland spouse application) August 2016 - Received my Open Work Permit July 2017 - Landed as PR. Based on calculator i am eligible to apply on January 2020. I...
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    Federal Skilled

    Hello Guys, My Father was assessed by cohen immigration lawyer that he is qualified for federal skilled worker based on his experience. I know he needs to take an IELTS exam but after that where is he going to apply? through express entry? but no employment offer yet. How to apply for federal...
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    outland how to send

    hello guys, Just a quick a few questions about outland application. Principal Applicant: Living in UAE Can the Sponsor submit their application package here from Canada? if yes, what should be the address be inputed on the courier? sponsor or principal applicants address? really have no idea...
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    Employment Insurance - Injured

    Hello guys, I just want to ask if how am i going to claim about my situation and details below. First Job Company A - Part time worker status with full time work hours with no benefits. No work No Pay. Second Job Company B - Regular part time and around 20 to 25 hours work time each week...
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    PNP Manitoba - First Step/Procedure

    Hello Guys, I was trying to get some info in applying for the Provincial nominee program in Manitoba and based on what i've understand is that; 1. Submit all the required documents to PNP office in Manitoba? once they received the complete application package, They will process it and once...
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    Current FBI Clearance Processing time

    hello guys, What is the current processing time for FBI clearance certificate? from the time they received the application and to received from your mailbox. applying from Canada. Thank you
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    Citizenship fee reduce?

    Citizenship fee, by reducing to half price was it included on the bill c-6? or any news about it. thanks I've read one article that citizenship payment will be cut in half once the bill C-6 is passed.
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    Current Visit Visa Application

    Hello guys, I just want to ask that in applying for the tourist visa now in the embassy, the application from needed are as follows: 1. IMM 5645 2. IMM 5257 3. IMM 5484 (Checklist) 4. IMM 5877 (Document Checklist) My questions are; 1. Is this the complete application form? What else are...
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    PR in process then got a kid.

    My friend sponsored by his mother under family class, he got approved 2013, but by 2012 his girlfriend pregnant and they've got a kid. they got married last 2014. the problem is he never declared that he got a kid along the way while his PR card is in process even until it was approved. is there...
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    Police Clearance Certificate Request from CIC via email- August 10, 2016

    Hello Everyone, I would like to ask if anyone of you here received an acknowledgement here from the CIC? after you replied to the CIC regarding PCC request for the second time. Mine, i've submitted via courier the certified true copy of my PCC (certified by our local MP) and explanation letter...
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    Air Canada on Open Work permit

    Does anyone here hired by Air Canada on Open Work permit? while inland spouse PR application is in process. Does Air Canada have considerations to the experienced applicant on a open work permit status? Thank you
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    Air Canada on Open work permit

    Does anyone here hired by Air Canada on Open Work permit? while inland spouse PR application is in process? Does Air Canada have considerations to the experienced applicant on a open work permit status? Thank you
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    California Class C drivers license. What is equivalent in Canada

    Hello everyone, What is the equivalent of california class C driver's license here in Canada? Espcially in MB. Based on what i've read "'If you hold a valid driver’s licence from another jurisdiction, you may operate a motor vehicle in Manitoba for up to three months. After three months you...
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    Latest on the Changes on Canada Immigration plan this coming FALL

    “The single-most important commitment we made in the election campaign was to substantially reduce the processing time for the families,” the minister said. “We’re working right now to reduce the inventory of people waiting. We will be announcing a new system in the fall which will substantially...