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    Which is better for ECA? WES or some other?

    From - Is there an alternative to WES evaluation? For Indian applicants, If WES has rejected your request for evaluation, I would recommend going for IQAS, because it appears most liberal. ICAS: applicable only if you studied at an University or Technical Education Board ICES...
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    express entry from australia-what documents needed ?

    Hello, good luck in applying express entry from Australia to Canada. More information here:
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    Saudi Arabia based Applicant

    Welcome, you can find more information about Canada and Saudi Arabia immigration here:
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    waiting for ECA from ICAS Canadian immigration assessment package.

    Currently, the estimated processing time is approximately 6-8 weeks for General Assessment Reports and 6-8 weeks for Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment Reports. The processing time for Post Secondary Comprehensive Assessment Reports is approximately 25-30 weeks...
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    PSWP work experience

    Hello, weird to see text in all capital letters. Are you sure you mean PSWP? or PGWP? What is PSWP? Information protected by the privilege and confidentiality protections of the Patient Safety Act and Patient Safety Rule. PSWP may identify the providers involved in a patient safety event and/or...
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    Shipping Goods from Philippines to Canada

    You could use 2Go Express, DHL, FedEx, JRS Express, UPS and Xend. See interesting ways to ship goods from the Philippines to Canada:
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    Welcome to the forum, DuwaPP. Good luck finding out if you need to mail hard copies. More IQAS and ECA links here:
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    Immigrer sans diplôme

    Bonjour Steve. Je suis heureux que vous ayez des compétences que vous avez enseignées vous-même. C'est bien que vous ayez de l'expérience en tant que manager. Bonne chance pour savoir s'il existe un programme pour ces niveaux de compétence.
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    ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

    Welcome, peggywang. Good luck finding answers to your questions. More ACCA news here:
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    PGP in India evaluation by WES

    WES Tools - Degree Equivalency Tool - See What Your Degree is Equivalent to in Canada More WES News Here:
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    A Foreman is a high position. You should include "English" in languages just in case. You wrote this message is English. And, at least education and work experience. And, one thing the internet can't do - a test of your athletic abilities.
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    WES ECA CPA Australia

    There might be more information here:
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    Certified Financial Planner - WES Score

    Another post about CFP and WES:
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    Certified Financial Planner - WES Score

    Another posts about C. F. P. and WES:
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    What is the right the NOC code for Software QA Manager?

    Another post about this here:
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    WES ECA for SGVU Distance PGDCA

    I haven't completed it, but I am interested in it. More WES news here:
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    Newcomer to Canada looking for work as civil engineer

    Welcome to Canada and good luck with your career. Some useful links here:
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    Vancouver students job

    Hello, Riza7. Here are some Vancouver job sites you can use:
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    Any translation?
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    Question regarding landing by flagpolling at border

    Good luck with your answers. As far as I understand, this is the meaning of flagpoling: Flagpoling is a term that describes the process of exiting Canada, being refused entry to the USA, and re-entering Canada to validate your new immigration status in Canada. For most individuals who are...