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    Question on work permit application by flagpoling (with visitor record but expired TRV)

    I will not step out without TRV - Rest is your call
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    If Work permit is valid, you can seek employment
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    Travel to the US & back to CAN with work permit & no TRV

    Yes without a TRV one cannot enter
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    Do you have a Work permit?
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    Medical Test

    Do it upfront - Saves time
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    PR portal waiting for photo approval

    That is true in theory However I just know someone in my immediate circle this morning waiting for e-CoPR while spouse in India got the CopR and passport stamped as well - I have personally verified this information So IRCC works in weird ways
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    MPNP gather here, please

    It is case by case With elections in MB expect things to be slow
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    <<<<<<<<<<<<<2023 ECOPR Timeline>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    You can email but they will not respond unless it is portal items & Montreal does not even send auto replies
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    Status of eligibility review for work permit rolled back to the initial step

    Could be a glitch Approval is only if you pass the eligibility
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    Spousal open work permit with valid job

    Should be fine Be prepared with all evidences to explain upon landing if CBSA has questions
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    PR portal waiting for photo approval

    Which VO was this You did not get RFV Email yet? It should have come along with your Portal 1 request Did you try calling iRCC? If this is VO Montreal,some people did report lost P1 email - Call & check
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    PR confirmation portal timelines

    Montreal can take 4-6 weeks unless lucky
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    How do I know my application stage details for study permit?

    Emails are not for inquiries