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    does US day trip count as day if I was in Canada same day?

    If you live in US close to the border, you can drive to Canada on 11:55PM and back on 12:05AM. You only need to do so every two nights, you satisfy 100% RO by visiting Canada 10X365/2=1825 minutes or 30 hours per year...
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    Crossing border from the States (private vehicle) without valid PR card

    They know your status only if you give any government issued ID which correctly shows your name and date of birth. You don't even need an expired PR card. You don't need a passort to enter Canada by this way. Drivers license or Health card works pretty well (you could lose your passport during...
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    PR residency RO doesn’t met

    Your kid will be 100% OK, just don't lose your kid's valid pr card, because to apply for prtd for him is a headache. CBSA is very friendly to family with kids.
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    Maybe many people have never applied for US B1/B2 visa. It automatically waives your interview base on your previous travel records to US. 100%, and very quick.
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    PR Card Renewal & New - 2022 Processing Timeline

    Generally you will receive your card in 10 days after the day you can link your case. But your June 6th ticket does make you crazy...
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    Time Spent Outside Canada - IMM 5444

    The thing is to calculate outside days...doesn't matter you went to ABCD countries, for IRCC, they only care about your IN and Out of Canada. However, in my case, I list all my travel, seperately, because some time I spent with my citizen family still qualify as living in Canada. That's the only...
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    Have no idea you went to US several times for the past years. you must have a B1/2 VISA to do this buisness trip. As a person with a valid B1/2 and no bad travel record, you are 100% qualified for a non-interview approvel to renew your visa, just ask the questioniry and give this information. At...
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    Pick up at IRCC office...now what?

    I believe the personal pickup is random and not related to PR living in or out of Canada. And for sure, people living out of Canada still qualify for PR card renewal. A PR card is just a travel document. It's the same or maybe more important for PR living out of Canada. I don't agree that IRCC...
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    Pick up at IRCC office...now what?

    CCTB is thing 20 years ago...when we relocated back to Canada, for the time we were leaving. No tax return, no CCTB, that what I got from CRA. Can I file my tax return even I didn't live in Canada? CRA says yes, if I have tie with Canada. Then I answer an inquiry form and CRA said you can file...
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    If you cannot see your application to edit it, just let it be. You are fine.
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    PR Card Renewal & New - 2022 Processing Timeline

    Thanks to strike. Now the workers could ask more, because more workload now...
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    Online renewal of PR Cards - For Children/Minors

    1. You can send up to three application within one portal account; you need to finish one, submit, then you can add a new one; 2. Anything can prove kid's study activity is good, don't worry about this. But make sure it shows your current address...
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    PR Card Renewal Online - Applications for family members

    1. You can submit up to three application within one portal accout. Just finish one then you can start a new one. You cannot have two application active at the same time. Someone said if submitted multiple applications within one account, you can only link the first with gckey to know your...
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    PR Card Renewal & New - 2022 Processing Timeline

    With my application expierence, online portal will be processed to middle of March now, if there were no strike. But they added around 2 weeks to wait 76 days now compared with Feb, I think they are doing the beginning of March. Paper application could be even slower.
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    Application of Section 28 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

    You'd better stay in Canada for 6 month and up, better to file a tax return, then leave...that to say, you ARE LEAVING with your spouse...
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    May I return to Canada? How?

    If you don't have a H/C base, it's very hard to win the case. How old is your kid? If it's less than 6, you'd better leave her back and try this out yourself first. I heard that many people come to Canada with visitor status and find a job here, then change their status to work permit. Canada...
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    PR Card Renewal stuck at "Decision made" for 2.5 years

    Sorry to hear this. Have no idea why it comes to this. But to apply for PRTD, I suggest a US visa instead by entering Canada through land entry. No uncertainty issue, and air tickets from US generally cheaper than from Canada
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    PR Card Renewal & New - 2022 Processing Timeline

    Looks like mail application right now is one month late than online portal. I did online on Feb 2 and DM on Apr 13
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    Pick up at IRCC office...now what?

    Of cause I gave a Canadian residential address. I believe OP did the same thing. However, as IRCC wants to verify, they do pick-up games randomly.
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    Pick up at IRCC office...now what?

    For PR not stay in Canada more than 730 days but still qualify RO by living with citizen spouse, yes, you could be asked to pick up in person. But it just a way IRCC wants to make sure your address is safe to receive PR card. They send a letter instead. That's all. I was asked to pick up last...