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  1. nitinkumar35

    Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19

    Did you finally received your copr and visa?
  2. nitinkumar35

    CEC Applicants - September 2022 - Submission after ITA

    Application submitted - September 26, 2022 AOR: September 26, 2022 Medical passed: October 21, 2022 Biometrics updated: October 18, 2022 PR Portal Credentials recieved - January 31, 2023 PR Card address and photo submitted - February 1, 2023 Primary Office - CPC Edmonton Waiting for eCOPR...
  3. nitinkumar35

    PR confirmation portal timelines

    Did you reply using the webform?
  4. nitinkumar35

    PR confirmation portal timelines

    Hi all, I just recieved Information Letter saying "The processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada is almost complete ". I am an inland applicant. so I have to to reply as the application contains this paragraph for people already in Canada - "You are not required to submit...
  5. nitinkumar35

    TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

    Can I get my passport stamped in India? I just received PPR, I'm in Canada now but have a flight for tomorrow. Can I fly tomorrow and submit passport in India VFS? @scylla please help
  6. nitinkumar35

    Passport Request - TRV Inside Canada

    Is this possible? Can I go to ottawa office and get my passport stamped?
  7. nitinkumar35

    Can we send passport for stamping in India after TRV approved in Canada

    Hi Ashok, I'm in a similar situation, can you please provide details on how you were able to get the stamping done in India? Did you travel before PPR or after PPR? Which VFS office did you submit your passport for stamping?
  8. nitinkumar35

    Getting an Indian PCC through BLS

    My timelines for PCC (BLS Ottawa): Purolator Pickup: June 27 BLS email that they have received the application: June 29 Update on BLS tracking: Processing at High Commission: July 5 No update on https://portal3.passportindia.gov.in/ yet. Generic status update - PCC application form has been...
  9. nitinkumar35

    BLS application status meaning?

    The next status update will be In transit from BLS to High Commision
  10. nitinkumar35

    PCC from Ottawa Indian Consulate via BLS

    yes, you have to send your original passports as well for BLS ottawa
  11. nitinkumar35

    PCC from Ottawa Indian Consulate via BLS

    2 inches X 2 inches
  12. nitinkumar35

    Work Permit Extension Within Canada.

    @Ryz22 Same boat, I applied on Dec-15, 2021. No response yet! Will update if the application progresses
  13. nitinkumar35

    (Super Delay) Work Permit Extension (inland) Timelines Here...

    Hi All, I have submitted my ICT Closed WP extension on Dec 15, 2021. No updates yet. :( Did anyone applying in Dec-2021 received any updates?
  14. nitinkumar35

    Invite Spouse Visitor Visa | (I am on ICT WP - Maintaining/Implied Status

    Hi Everyone, I am currently working in Canada (ICT Closed WP) and currently am maintaining/implied status. Can I invite my spouse for a Visitor Visa? Thanks
  15. nitinkumar35

    Does my spouse need to have work experience to enter under CEC express entry if I am a primary applicant?

    I have the same condition, I'm applying for PR as a primary applicant and am currently in Canada and my spouse is outland. We're aiming for CEC as well, our immigration consultant confirmed that this is a valid approach and would save a lot of time comparing two separate applications. But, the...
  16. nitinkumar35

    CEC Express Entry: Spouse in India

    Thanks for clearing this doubt up for me. I was very worried about this situation, have never encountered someone who can recommend what to do in my case. Thanks so much.
  17. nitinkumar35

    CEC Express Entry: Spouse in India

    My only hesitation in doing this is I'm already living in Canada and she is in India. Does that affect the normal processing timelines?
  18. nitinkumar35

    CEC Express Entry: Spouse in India

    @Naturgrl Both of us have completed our ECA(WES) and CELPIP(G) CRS scores: a) non-accompanying: 519 b) accompanying: 499 There is a 20 point difference. I think last cutoff for CEC draw was 462. Is it expected to increase this year?