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    Chances of being reported for RO breach with only one year left

    I am also in a similar situation. Following this thread.
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    3+ years out of Canada, PR Card Valid, entering from US

    I soft landed in early 2019, so it has been 3+ years since then. My PR card is valid till 2024 and I am Indian citizen living in the US. I don't have plans to move to Canada, but don't want to burn the bridge (renounce) just yet. If I travel to Canada by road for a short trip, will I be reported...
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    In breach of RO, going on vacation to Canada in May

    I am following this thread. Definitely want to know what happens.
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    H1B life vs. Moving to Canada - Experience sharing

    Yes, that is true. But if you arrive after 3 years there is a high chance that you will be reported for not meeting residency obligation. Before 3 years there is no risk.
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    H1B life vs. Moving to Canada - Experience sharing

    You have to make the move within 3 years after landing in order to meet the 2 years out of 5 requirement. As a PR, your spouse is free to work anywhere. Whereas, in the US your spouse cannot work without authorization. If you and your spouse are born in India and your priority date will be...
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    H1B life vs. Moving to Canada - Experience sharing

    TN is still possible if you withdraw the I-485 and abandon immigrant intent. But, that is not a consideration for me right now anyway. If you follow the thread above, you will see that the choice is between staying in the US on H1B and moving to Canada as a PR. Also, if it was a question of 1 or...
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    Is it legal to work from outside USA for a US employer who has employed you on H1B?

    Yes, employers are generally expected to withdraw their petition if the employee is no longer working for them. But they can pay anyone they wish for any amount of time.
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    Is it legal to work from outside USA for a US employer who has employed you on H1B?

    From US point of view, they don't care what you do outside of their borders. But employers have policies about working from another country, so they must be onboard.
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    H1B life vs. Moving to Canada - Experience sharing

    Updates in my situation: I have to move to Canada by mid 2022 in order to keep the PR. We came close to making a decision when recently because of processing delays, my wife's EAD got delayed and there was a real prospect of job-loss or at least interruption for some months. My wife's employer...
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    Can we use AVR to enter US multiple times ?

    Canada has requirements to quarantine for 14 days. But nothing on the US side, you should be fine using AVR.
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    Soft Landing Experience and returning with AVR

    We were all landing together as PRs. My child did have a COPR at that time. But, in general US Passport holders do not need a Canadian Visa. Even with current COVID restrictions, non-PR immediate relatives (such as USC children) of Canadian PRs are allowed to enter Canada along with the PR...
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    Maintaining US and Canadian PR by commuting to Canada from US

    Like above, US does not like it if you maintain permanent residence elsewhere. You will have to choose between US or Canada. My recommendation, choose US. As a US LPR/Citizen, you can visit your Canadian family very easily.
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    Rental Income in US on H1B and living in Canada as PR

    Rental income is passive income. You can earn it from any property while living anywhere. Just report it as income on your returns and pay taxes appropriately.
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    Infant US Citizen entering Canada

    I am in the exact same situation as you. I am also planning to move some time in the summer. From my research, your second son can definitely travel with you. He will be admitted as a visitor for 6 months (they may be able to approve longer duration at POE, but not sure about this). Even with...
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    Moving from US to Canada with newborn and new stuff.

    If the baby is born in the US, then first you will have to sponsor them for Canadian PR. Then after they complete their own 3 years of stay in Canada, then you can apply for the child to have Canadian citizenship. Also while the child's PR application is being processed, they will not have...
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    US GC while living in Canada as a PR?

    Something you should check - you can never have "3.5 years left to go since soft landing for me to fulfill my residency obligation". You have to make the permanent move to Canada no more than 3 years after soft landing or otherwise you will never make the 2 in 5 requirement. For Canadian...
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    Bringing money to Canada from USA - Need Help

    Have you applied for PR? Approved? Landed?
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    Moving a financed car from USA to Canada

    No Canadian lender will finance a car that is titled in the US. Besides, unless you can claim some exemption like settler tarrif, you will have to pay duty on the import which will negate any price benefit.