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    Citizenship Certificate

    Someone's trying to bilk you
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    September 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    Congrats! Did you apply for the passport at a Service Canada center or at Passport Canada? Also did you use the express option?
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    January 2023 - Citizenship Applications

    all communication is by email until the final step when the citizenship certificate is mailed out. Some phone calls but that's extremely rare.
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    June 2022 - Citizenship Applicants

    All photo ids taken via webcam are blurry. The timelines are within the expected range. Some offices take up to 12 days to mark tests completed. You just need to wait. Not to mention, once you have taken the test it won't allow you to retake unless they send a new invite.
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    Is the background check also NOT STARTED? Was it a duplicate application by any chance?
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    June 2022 - Citizenship Applicants

    There are multiple issues reported with the tracker. I want to see what @daveonline and @Miharbi are experiencing with theirs to correlate with their current application status.
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    July 2022 Citizenship Applications

    This is way too long for an AOR to arrive. You'll be best served calling them and talking to them even if it takes multiple attempts to reach an operator. Writing a webform etc is probably not going to be as helpful. You can follow this here for calling...
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    Expiration date of Driving License, Health Card, Etc.

    You can call Service Ontario or the equivalent in your province but renewals would normally be until the fifth birthday coming after the renewal date. That's assuming you've waited until the renewal date and didn't ask for a reissue in the middle of the current period.
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    June 2022 - Citizenship Applicants

    In some cases it's a new update like DM/oath but for others it's What exactly does the tracker show? Is it an error displayed on the login page itself or is it stuck at the Loading screen?
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    June 2022 - Citizenship Applicants

    People think IRCC can't read English. You attach something and IRCC will be like "I see some stuff, it must for urgent processing, don't even have to read it, let's just process it urgently". It's just stupid, and by going after people whose applications are getting processed faster, they're...
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    Invitation to Test a Product with IRCC

    My guess is they'll discuss about quality of life for PRs in Canada like housing availability, ease of getting jobs etc. But it says "test a product" and you're awaitign oath ceremony. So may be e-certificate type thing? Not sure. But since the address is a government building, it has to be...
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    October 2021 - Citizenship Applications

    You can try and post here if you get any movement because of it, it's a new idea. But bave you tried sending an email?
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    Missed to send all pages of passport - Will it be returned?

    Very unlikely that it'll be returned. someone was recently asked to send all pages right after aor. If not then they'll ask along with/after test invite. Even if they're not asking its better to send it as soon as aor is received.
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    July 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    I believe the instructions will be in the email they sent. Typically thet say "reply to this email with the documents" or something like that. Just include your full name, UCI and the application number in all communications so it's easier for them to look up and also include the list of...
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    Can I sue IRCC and get my application fee back?

    I'm not sure about Canada specifically but generally courts in the home jurisdiction will rarely interfere in the judgement of an immigration officer sitting in a consulate abroad. That being said it's possible something like that might exist in Canada. But it might depend on what class of visa...
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    July 2022 Citizenship Applications

    IRCC.DNCitHALScheduling-ConvocationHALCitRN.IRCC@cic.gc.ca Another email but this looks like a general mailbox for all programs: CIC-Halifax@cic.gc.ca
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    June 2022 - Citizenship Applicants

    ecas doesn't really provide any more info than the new tracker, sometimes it updates one day before the new tracker, sometimes it doesn't provide any update at all - even when the new tracker shows a status change. So you're not missing out on too much info without ecas.
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    April 2022 - Citizenship Applications

    Don't have to take it personally. Just a suggestion. No one can compel what you can or cannot do, just saying for everyone's benefit. The smaller the pool the quality of info is not going to be great, that's all we're saying. If there are many whatsapp groups, all the whatsapp groups as well as...
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    Alberta 2022 Citizenship

    There're increasing number of these posts about whatsapp groups. I don't think a lot of people sign up for this but in any case I wish these disucssions can be had here instead of whatsapp groups. If we don't want to contribute anything here but want to just absorb the information others...