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    could someone help please

    I intend to land on the first of August with my wife and four children but the issue is that my oldest some will be travelling from Africa and will land same day, same Airport but 10 minutes before the rest of us. I just want to know if there will be any problem with this arrangement because i...
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    Re -Medical....

    Usually they will contact you within 6 weeks of your first Med. And they will send a sealed envelope only to be opened by your DMP. They will instruct your DMP the type of test to carry out. I have passed through this process and was OK in the end.
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    Relax. I got passport request from VO office London four weeks ago but up till now my ecas still shows in process with no medical received line added. I shall let you know when I receive the passport back.
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    Please Seniors I really need your advice

    Congrats mate expect your passport with visa soon.
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    Passport Request

    Today is two weeks since i posted my passport to VO london for Visa stamping. Could seniors please tell me how long it takes VO London to return passports. I am may 2009 applicant.
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    .......NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE............................

    Relax once they have started processing your application, withing two months or maximum three months you will be asked to go for medical so expect it by end of this June or second week of July if all your documents are in order. The whole process calls for patience and I would advise you to be...
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    Please Explain

    I just checked my online status now and just realised that my address has disappeared. though still showing in progress. I am 2009 applicant and my VO is London. What could this be? could someone with a better knowledge please help.
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    Could someone help please

    i had re-medical in October 2011 after the first one i had in 2010 expired. For a long time i did not hear from VO London and when my rep resentative inquired last year they said security check was going on. Some time last month i was told to send updated police certificate from my current...
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    Hi Qorax and other seniors, i wrote the last time regarding the remedical i had over four months now without any update from CIC. Today i received a mail from my representative informing me that i need to obtain updated original police certificate from my current country of residence. Could...
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    Qorax plz Help

    Thanks for your comment on my previous post. I think I still need your help on understanding this issue better. Like I said in my previous post, I had my first medical on July 2010 and further medical in sept. and nov.respectively. January 2011 I was asked to pay landing fee, and update my...
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    Help please seniors

    Thanks for your prompt response qorax. My question is this I had my first medical July 2010 with two further medical tests which last one was November 2010. I was asked to pay landing fee January 2011, request to update my personal history March 2011 and when I inquired from my lawyer in may...
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    Help please seniors

    It is over three months since i did a second medical test after the first medical expired due to background check, but up till now i am awaiting request for passport from VO office London. Does anyone know why all this delay? please i need your explaination. Thanks for your help.
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    Still need help pls

    I had my first medical test around July 2010 with my family,had further medical tests sept and Nov.2010 respectively. Called my representative sometime may 2011 to find out if there is any update from CIC, he told me that background check is going on. I got a letter for second medical test this...
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    2nd medical

    Hello Could someone please help it nearly two months now I had second medical with my family after the first medical while waiting for background check to clear. I have no idea what the next step will be and how long it may take to hear from CIC. I know there is someone out there who has a...
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    Hello Just want to thanks all of you for your great contributions on this forum which i am new to. I wonder if some one with more experience could please help me to explain what you know best regarding my situation. I applied for PR since May 2009 and London office started processing my...