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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    you can always leave on your other nationality/passport and then apply cdn ppt at nearest canadian embassy that offers passport services. Just ensure you contact the embassy by phone/email to get instructions and procedure info. It’s not hard, you can even take photos done in Canada and these...
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    Spouse got invited to take oath, while my application still in progress. Is this normal?

    Why don’t you send them an email to inquire case status ??? Maybe that can help confirm. No harm in sending status update request/inquiry
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    Canadian Citizen and OCI holder with PR wife | Delivered baby boy in India | Question about future travel to Canada.

    Well you have to get birth certificate of the baby first. If you email/contact the consular section they will send you the required information on how to proceed. Baby would be both indian and canadian so u may have to get Indian citizenship as well as cdn citizenship for the baby Apply prtd for...
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    Citizenship Certificate - From Oath to Receipt

    Given the holidays, i expect you to receive it hopefully this coming week or the next.
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    IRCC Scarborough Applicants - Online Test/Interview/DM/Oath

    at their offices. scarborough civic centre 200 town centre crt or at the milner/progress ave building depends. I think mostly its still done online on zoom
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    Law/regulations for border agent to hold my passport

    If it happens at a land border crossing they probably doing a customs secondary check on ya. Means they want to check you in detail (document, stuff u bringing in etc)….. It shouldn’t be taking very long but expect delays till u r cleared to leave.
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    Canadian Citizen and OCI holder with PR wife | Delivered baby boy in India | Question about future travel to Canada.

    As a Canadian citizen, you should know whats clearly written on ircc website. Not saying this “you heard” stuff, come on man get serious. Obviously your wife and son will need to get their documents in order. Apply for her PRTD and apply for baby’s documentation (whether indian or canadian), as...
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    Fingerprints received by IRCC 3 months ago, but no change in Background check.

    There is no harm in inquiring status update on your files.
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Yes its bad and shouldn’t be like that. Contact ircc to get it sorted
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    If u want assurance you can pay 20 bucks extra to pick up in 10 days.
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    Proposal: Citizenship "Crystal Maze"

    I remember that show, it was quite fun to watch. knowing ircc they will mess that up too, lol
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    Citizenship backlog statistics: Analysis

    This is just govt mumbojumbo to appear as if they doiing something. Reality is, they don’t want to or just not a priority to process everything quickly or on time. how about having enough/adequate resources to process everything quickly? If you’re bringing in 300k immigrants per yr into canada...
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    Travel on Indian passport immediately after the Oath ceremony

    Yeah shouldn’t be any issues going to eu from canada.
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    for kids yeah no problem For you its best to do yourself if u can. She may be able to submit yours, give her a photocopy of your IDs such as health card and driving license etc or stay close to office if u can in case they want to see/ask you
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    There are people from july still waiting for Gatineau to get their shit together……its still messed up for those who applied by mail in summer…. I strongly recommend to apply in person at a passport office….lineup early
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    Urgent Canadian Passport for Child Born in UAE

    Please contact the canadian embassy/consulate asap (Consular section)……they can guide yiu next on further steps
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    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    1. No, they will send back with xpresspost anyways 2. It can, but keep a copy before sending it. Send by xpresspost so it should be ok. if possible its best to apply in person at passport office or at serviceCanada office (that way u keep your certificate)
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    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    What was missing info you had to provide fir the newborn ??
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    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    Either go early morning or late morning like 11am Going after 2:30pm is taking a risk, you may not be allowed if there’s already too many people there before you. Play it safe go earlier if possible