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    OCI process

    Yours was processed very fast! where did you submit application?
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    Only Super Visa applicants Please - Timeline 2018

    Hi Guys!! Recently my in laws had super visa approved. They came to Canada but they were only provided stay for 1 year. Previously, they came to Canada based on their visitor visa and last time we'd applied for their extension as we needed them for more than 6 months. They received an approval...
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    Thank you all for your answers. Appreciate it!!
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    can my wife (I will be co-signer) sponsor her parents (my in law) including her own elder sister (who is married and has 2 kids) and her husband (they live independently) sponsor all of them? we meet the income requirements.
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    OCI process

    My daughter's OCI documents received at Vancouver on Sept 3, 2016 as per passport.gov.in OCI online status enquiry. BLS online tracking status still shows Processing at consolute general. application sent: 16 july, 2016 When am I expecting the Passport back for my daughter? they says 2 months...
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    Hi!! Was the baby born in Canada? What is the procedure of in Process application status and baby borned in Canada. I have already notified ottawa office about this. Still no reply. Any suggesstions??
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    February 2014 PNP applicant that already submitted their application to NS CIO

    Hi guys!! I'm March 12, 2014 applicant. Couple of weeks before, I got med reassessement req for my wife and that email was from New delhi medicals. We got it done on the same day. any idea that is reassessment means closer to DM? how long does it take after reassessment done? My GCMS notes says...