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    Using Maiden Name on Passport

    https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=907 If you have officially done change of name... I legally changed my name. How do I change the name on my citizenship certificate or card? To change the name on an application in progress contact us using the web form To change the...
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    Should I wait before applying ?

    Bear in mind, you must fulfill all eligibility requirements (thus be eligible to apply) ON THE DAY YOU SIGN(ED) THE APPLICATION. You can't send the application in anticipation of future tax eligibility. Remember you have to check off whether or not you filed at least 3 years personal income tax...
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    Should I wait before applying ?

    Eligibility This form for an application under subsection 5(1) is intended primarily for permanent residents aged 18 and over who want to apply for Canadian citizenship. To be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you: must be 18 years of age or older on the day you sign the application must be...
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    Have to send fingerprints twice?? Need some advice

    Your criminality certificate (the fingerprint) you did in November 2019 expired one year later in December 2020. So they need new fingerprint done. Do it as soon as you can to get things rolling BELATEDLY.
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    March 2018 Application (After 30 Months) Decision Made

    If you opted to receive communication by EMAIL then they most likely sent you EMAIL after the decision. Check your EMAIL including SPAM and JUNK mail folders. Even then they occasionally send SNAIL mail even if you opted for email communication. Keep checking ECAS because there'd be update in...
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    Applying for my Parents - Need Help with some Questions

    You really don't need to explain anything. I was over 54 when I applied for citizenship. I printed the form and then printed N/A with blue pen on 15. I had no issues from processing to interview and oath ceremony. What's to note... when they see the section is blank then they will check the age...
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    Job ended on month end - is that a gap in history?

    Nope not a gap. When I applied for citizenship I had a gap of 2 weeks. It wasn't considered a gap and it never came up during interview. I had my oath only a week after interview.
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    Not meeting the residency requirement in the first 5 years after landing but I do in the last 5 years

    Nope; your residency calculation will be based on the last 5 years. The absence in the first 5 years will fall outside your eligibility period so will not matter.
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    February 2019 Citizenship Applicants

    Where are you located? People in smaller (rural) areas served by visiting immigration judges do schedule both test and oath same day. Usually the applicant(s) takes the test first and if successful proceed to oath same day. On the other hand,if you are in an (urban) area served by regular...
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    Oath Ceremony and Passport

    Even before your test/interview send WEB FORM informing them of your plan to travel outside Canada. Indicating the departure and return dates and request that no oath be scheduled for you within that period. Then bring up the matter and discuss it with the officer during your interview.
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    Drivers licence number changed (Identity document submitted with application)

    I used Ontario Health Card as ID. The Health Card I used originally to submit my application expired midway during processing and I renewed it several months before my citizenship interview. During renewal new photo was taken and Health Card number (the last two or so alphabets) changed. So my...
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    Confusing returned Application

    First of all, signing your citizenship application on the day of your eligibility is VERY risk. One little mistake on your presence calculator and your application is toast. Even IRCC instruction recommends to have some days buffer while most people on this forum will recommend several days and...
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    How long do I have before I have to return back docs to CIC?

    The best option is IRCC WEB FORM. That way you have documentary evidence. Also you can write a letter directly to the office processing your application. I did both. Be sure to include the receipt you got from the fingerprint agency/police.
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    How long do I have before I have to return back docs to CIC?

    to the IRCC office/address indicated on the fingerprint letter
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    How long do I have before I have to return back docs to CIC?

    30 Days means you must respond to their letter within 30 days. In the case of fingerprint for example, you must do the fingerprint within the stipulated 30 days (and show them evidence that you did the finger within the 30 days). However, if RCMP takes much longer time (more than 30 days to...
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    How long do I have before I have to return back docs to CIC?

    That could also be fingerprint request. As @sydcarton said, the letter will indicate the time frame for responding to the requested action requested by CIC.
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    Urgent::::Spouse and Daughter Passport Is Expired

    Expired home country passport is not a problem when applying for Canadian citizenship. Many "use" expired home country passport without problem. Common reason people give is HAVE NO TRAVEL PLANS. @zardoz gave the official outline on this.
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    Test ID Requirements?

    Originals of the IDs you used to apply for citizenship... Passport, PR card, driver license, health card etc.
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    is there any harm in submitting more than 2 identity proofs?

    You can't "play it safer" than doing what the rule says.