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  1. AngelsPlayer

    Anyone who got PR without Police certificate?

    Bro its a clear rejection if you all the required documents are not there Even i too was rejected for not attaching PCC from Dubai. And PCC is only required if you had stayed in that place for more than 6 months. If you don't have much time, what you can do is.. Show some communications or...
  2. AngelsPlayer

    Different transliteration for last name

    Be cool you don't have to worry for this I was also in the same problem. Below is the exact what I have written in LOE (letter of explanation) but you will have to create a name affidavit for this and attach in LOE Different surname spelling On my educational, government and personal document...
  3. AngelsPlayer

    Reference letter -- need help from seniors please

    You will need offer letter, payslips, relieving letter and referral letter. If you are not able to obtain a referral letter on company letter head, ask you close colleague of your previous company to give a referral letter on a plain white paper, but include his contact details and must attach...
  4. AngelsPlayer

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    You will get your PR card by regular mail If they have sent it for production you should get ur card by next week.
  5. AngelsPlayer

    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program 2016 pool

    Hello Kamalshah, As per the website of Nova Scotia the DEMAND EXPRESS ENTRY is not yet opened. What you are referring is to Nova Scotia EXPERIENCE EXPRESS ENTRY you can apply for this ONLY IF YOU HAVE PRIOR WORKING EXPERIENCE IN NOVA SCOTIA.
  6. AngelsPlayer

    Philippine driver's license holder

    When you come here to Canada, bring your ORIGINAL driving license from Philippine and if possible an international driving license from your country. if your driver license is not in English you will have to get it translated. Once after you reach here in manitoba, go to Manitoba Public...
  7. AngelsPlayer

    Invitation to apply photo requirements?

    Hello Please take your photo in 50x70 mm that's the standard pic when applying for Canada. the document checklist may not be updated the same photograph in ITA is used for your PR card as well, if you don't upload the 50x70mm pic they will send you an email asking you to retake the photo at the...
  8. AngelsPlayer

    Hours on employment letter

    Yes its fine, you don't have to worry In my case, my previous companies only mentioned me as a full time employee and my job descriptions. cic accepted the referral letters too
  9. AngelsPlayer

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    No emails for regarding PR card dispatched. But if your photo didn't match the requirement they will send an email asking you to send your pic
  10. AngelsPlayer

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    Landed on Jan 20th, got my PR card on March 9th. Exactly 46 days as said in CIC website
  11. AngelsPlayer

    Unable to get proof of fund bank letter

    Please don't complicate your application, I suggest not give too much information I too had credit cards but i didn't mentioned anything about that
  12. AngelsPlayer

    Unable to get proof of fund bank letter

    If you are having funds in fixed deposits or as bonds, you can use the certificates copy and attach a business card from the bank manager. Take some print outs from cic website on proof of funds and show to the manger and ask him to provide a letter on the letter head or on a plain paper with...
  13. AngelsPlayer

    Free IELTS Material

    If you all know how to use torrents, then you can download the entire IELTS training material from the below links Believe me you don't need to go for IELTS training, but the file sizes are bit heavy http://katcr.to/ielts-books-collection-1-of-3-39-books-and-cds-t12594512.html...
  14. AngelsPlayer

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    Yes its normal and nothing to worry. She will get her PR card in a week time or If she is lucky she might even get it today
  15. AngelsPlayer

    Planning to leave the province that nominated me before CIC's approval of my PR

    You will have to get your PR status first. After you obtain your pr status, with this status, individuals may live and work in any Canadian province or territory. Moreover, once you become a PR, the Charter protections apply to you, which guarantees your right to live and work wherever you wish.
  16. AngelsPlayer

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    Current processing time is 46 days, so you can expect the card on 2nd week of march.
  17. AngelsPlayer

    How to update / review address for PR card

    Hello Dexmoody Did you update your address?? if so can you guide me how you did that. I had done my landing 2 days before and not able to update my address
  18. AngelsPlayer

    Name Issue

    I had the same problem I prepared a affidavit mentioning about the name difference in passport and educational certificate and said both the name refers to the same person and got the affidavit notary attested. When applying documents after getting invitation to apply, you will have to attach...
  19. AngelsPlayer

    Reference letter affidavit format

    Re: Releiving letter affidavit format Hello Friend Even if it is Infosys the company should give the relieving letter after your complete your exit process from the company But if you are asking about the referral letter then below is the format Jack Daniel Design Engineer – Powertrain...