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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    Ah, I see, Checking if they would waive of duties if bringing car under settler (not mentioned in GTF list) <I apologize on digressing you from your original qs but appreciate your replies back>
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    dum dum qs : what is the difference b/w importing as settler (is it any different from importing when mentioned in GTF list)
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    Automatic Visa Revalidation

    Usually, for air travel, a valid stamped visa is required on passport if I am not mistaken, airlines don't allow you board if you don't have a active stamped visa on your passport. AVR will simply allow you to enter back if you have a valid active approved petition for corresponding stamped...
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    Looking on some insight for PR(new) stuck outside for RO in current situation

    Hello All, I recently activated my PR (Jan 24 2020, spouse and Child non-accompanying) and traveled back to US. Before I could wrap-up things in states, the ongoing situation resulted in travel bans, as such, my family (wife and a kid) can't travel back( to India) and now there is complete...
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    Listing car in goods to follow.

    Yes, you can list it in the GTF and continue paying off loan before actual move, that is when you need to have loan payed off,.
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    Softland and AVR With Pending H1B and H4

    You can go with AVR, assuming you meant expired visa that is the stamped visa on Passport and you have Latest I797 approved with I94, you would be called for secondary, might take another 30-60 mins depending on load for that day, be prepared for routine questions about job, et cetra..
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    First PR Card arrival time after Photo resubmission

    Hi Jeff, checking if you are from or in MN ?
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    Soft Landing Experience and returning with AVR

    You can actually call into IRCC and update them with CA mailing address to start your PR card application if this helps.
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    I-140 approved, planning to apply for Canada Study Permit

    British have recently changed to attract more non-EU STEM talent using point based system, still looking at details.
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    I-140 approved, planning to apply for Canada Study Permit

    1. You need would appropriate visa to re-enter back (Approved I140 is not really helpful here) 2. You can enter on any visa but remember I140 is work related, you would need to enter in on H1B (or L visa, have to check on this) 3. No not all, you can't solely enter US based on a approved i140...
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    Anybody doing daily commute to USA from Canada on H4 EAD

    Sorry, which one did you get? B1 or B2 ?
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    PRC Photo Request - Fedex, UPS can't deliver to PO Box

    Checking if you mailed them with tracking, if yes: did you check the tracking info to see it got delivered
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    Re-issue of PR Visa

    Thank you further clarifying this, sorry, for better understanding (not to side rail this topic), does the PA still be eligible to sponsor mentioned dependants if PA relocates at last 2.5 years of PR card validity
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    Re-issue of PR Visa

    Quick qs on spousal and child sponsorship: Is it mandatory to stay in CA for at-least 2 years before becoming eligible to sponsor spouse and child
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    PR card address update

    yes, you can, you call and update them,
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    F1 Student Inadmissible to USA while returning, can apply for Canada PR?

    You would have to declare this info in the application process, and you may be fine too