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    Baby Born Outside of Canada

    I was in a similar situation. My husband is Canadian, I am German and the kids were born in the UK. Can’t remember how long it took to get the passport. I can remember though that I was able to travel after 6 weeks. I would go directly to the embassy in London and talk to them. I am sure they...
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    Failed Citizenship Test

    Here is a whole list of test sites: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/online-tests.524048/
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    Online tests

    The tests differ for each test center. It is hard to say. I wasn’t asked any.
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    Rescheduling Citizenship Test / Interview

    I would not reschedule again! You will raise tons of red flags.
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    Online tests

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    What to do if I have more entry/exits than what was reported in the application?

    I forgot a whole trip of three weeks and had no issue as I had enough buffer days. In the interview the office mentioned the missing trip and I could not even recall it! She said we were all humans and such a mistake can happen. She asked how I compiled my rather long list of travels and I told...
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    Online tests

    All the tests are different, not only from center to center but also on different days within the same center. What is tough for one is easy for the other. We are not allowed to share questions. On a general note though, quite a few questions come from the little boxes of the book. “What was the...
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    Vancouver applicants - (C-6 10/11)

    https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/online-tests.524048/ Above a thread with a lot of online test sites
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    Online tests

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    pls advise sample citizenship practise test 2018

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    Online tests

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    I failed 1st test

    I am more a person to learn with tests. I read the book once and then did tons of tests. Each time I got something wrong I looked it up in the book. Here is a link to tests that I compiled some time ago. I am now Canadian...
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    Interview postponed. How much wait ?

    I cannot tell you how long it takes, but I sent a webform and it took six weeks for them to deal with my webform. I got a generic answer but only after 6 weeks did they actually look at it. I would phone them.
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    Citizenship oath letter comes only by mail?

    Only email for me
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    Question about Citizenship

    I would phone as you might not get a physical mail if you gave them an email address. Did you receive an email?
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    Urgent Help!!! GCMS Shows "Fingerprints Required", IRCC Didn't communicate it to us

    You only get fingerprint request if there is somebody in their system with a criminal record and the same/ similar name to yours. It might be that it is just a similar name and they want to double check whether or not they require a fingerprint from you. I agree with dpenabill: relax and wait...
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    Plz share your Citizenship Test experience

    https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/online-tests.524048/ I prepared mainly with online tests, but did read the book as well. The test is easy if you read the book and do some online tests. We are not supposed to give you any details about the test, but...I...
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    October 11th 2017 - Citizenship Applicants under 3/5 rule

    It says in the instructions that all foreign stamps need to be translated. You can bring these translations with you to the interview. This is independent from you authorization.
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    Is there way to follow up on passport application?

    I did it right at the passport office and they put all my data directly into the computer. It took a week for the passport to arrive. If you go to the passport office directly you can be sure that all is in order.
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    How many times have you ordered your GCMS notes?

    Never. I still don’t really understand what you learn from it that may help you in speeding up the process. Waste of somebody’s time