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  1. Hari412

    Daily commute (Detroit-Windsor) (H1b and Canada PR)

    Hi there, please email me your contact details and I will connect with you via phone. I travel to Plymouth/Livonia. harineshjoshi@gmail.com
  2. Hari412

    Super Visa - anyone applied as yet?

    Hello guys, I want to apply super visa for my mom but i dont work and my husband makes enough to show the support i have few question: 1. Who should write invitation letter me or my husband but i dont work and should we both sign the letter 2. We moved to canada last year june 2017 so we just...
  3. Hari412

    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    I will be living in Windsor and working in Detroit. If I import my car, will I be able to do my daily work commute? I was told by an Officer that a Canadian PR cannot drive a US plated car in Canada. So will there be any issues?
  4. Hari412

    people Landing in FEB 2016 from INDIA..please join

    Hello folks! Can someone please add me to the whatssap group? 412-932-4686. Thanks!
  5. Hari412

    How to Get Canadian Driving License -for Newcomers

    Can I submit my 1 year US drivers license and 4 years Indian drivers license to get an Ontario G license?
  6. Hari412

    Form B4 (Goods to Follow/Accompanying List): How to ???

    Hi ratul2k14, Yes you need to add it.
  7. Hari412

    Short landing only for few hours or one day ( maximum

    I believe you can enter Canada by road using your COPR, if you dont have your PR card.
  8. Hari412

    Landing Questions

    I will be doing a short landing at Niagara Falls in July and have questions. 1- Can i take a bank statement in USD as POF? 2- I was planning to visit Ottawa and as Montreal is not too far, I would like to go there. Am I allowed to enter Quebec? Also can I work in Quebec? If not when can I...
  9. Hari412

    Carrying settlement funds in US Dollars

    Can I carry my bank statement in USD as POF?
  10. Hari412

    Settlement Funds in US Dollars

    Would a bank statement showing POF in USD work? Or will I need a DD, TC or some other form of proof? I will carry some cash and a debit card which can be used in any ATM without any fees.
  11. Hari412

    Importing vehicle and change of status from temporary to PR

    Hi siroccoon I am inporting my car from US to Canada. Is there a way i can know how much tax will i have to pay?
  12. Hari412

    how many years need to stay in canada to renew my PR accroding to new laws

    Appendix A on the cic website still mentions that a physical presence of 730 days is required. Where did you get this information from?
  13. Hari412

    Questions about Applying for a travel document (permanent resident abroad)

    Do you still need to apply for a travel document if you will be crossing border by road from the US?
  14. Hari412

    List of actions for those moving from US to Canada by road - incl. export of car

    +1 for your work! I'm sure these points will help the viewers. ;D I have sent you a PM. Kindly revert back.
  15. Hari412

    Export + Import of Vehicle (AES, Queenston-Lewiston)

    Thanks again Jay! I'll keep in touch as I'll have more questions in the near future.... ;D
  16. Hari412

    Export + Import of Vehicle (AES, Queenston-Lewiston)

    I am filling B4E form for my short landing this month and will be importing my car next time when I actually move to Canada. What do I have to mention in K22/Vehicle import form number? How can I get this number? Please help asap. Thanks! ;)