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    Employment and activities - Business owners belong to which section

    I’m also facing similar problem for my uncle. He own registered businesses but the portal still asking for employment letter. How to deal with this
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    SDS from Pakistan 2023

    Congrats. Which college?
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    CS Diploma Admission and Visa Query

    Hello, Looking for admission into CS diploma for my nephew. Any leads on following wd be appreciated:- 1. Does it increase visa chances if college is outside Ontario? 2. Any colleges not charging application processing fee? 3. In GTA, we see Durham, franshawe, Mohawk, Sheridan, centennial...
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    GIC Problems in Pakistan

    I’m also curious if it’s still possible to get GIC from Pakistan using PKR account. Also if one is applying under non-Sds, can one still get GIC?
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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    That’s great news. Heartiest congratulations! You’ve been through a lot and you remained a true warrior. IRCC gave us unforgettable trauma. But finally it’s over for most of us though there’re still many who’re suffering at the hands of IRCC. My best wishes for all remaining stuck applicants...
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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    It’s been 4 months I got my PR but I still keep checking this thread to see how long this monster IRCC is gonna test your patience. You’ve suffered a lot. There can’t be any compensation for that. All I can is wish you get your PR immediately and curse those responsible to destroy your peace and...
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    Inland PNP applicants - No movement in application.

    So sorry to hear 2020 applicants are still waiting. IRCC is really a nightmare
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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    No need to be soft when it comes to IRCC. They destroyed our peace. Although I received my PR, I still can’t overcome the trauma that I went through along with my family due to discriminatory and unjustified policies by IRCC.
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    Child Benefit

    what if his spouse applies for child benefits? Generally mother is primarily responsible for children
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    Residency Obligation

    As per readings on this forum I think you can enter via USA in private car with expired PR card. You’ll need US visa though. Once you’re in canada, get your card renewed and spend your 2 years residency requirement. Let’s see what others suggest.
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    Who-accompanied-whom can matter for PRs living with citizen spouse abroad: UPDATE

    Very informative posts. I skimmed through several links and found each decision a good learning. I hope this thread will help a lot to ppl who’re likely stuck in such situations in future. Keep it up guys!
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    Hypothetical question: polygamy and immigration to Canada

    Seems this post is intended to start a debate about a topic instead of finding an answer to a specific question. Not sure if admin monitors posts but this one is out of line.
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    PNP Residency Obligation

    I worked for about 2 years on the same job same firm that I had my bcpnp based on. It was due to covid that it took so long to get PR else I’d have been PR long ago and continued working with same firm as PR
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    PNP Residency Obligation

    And yes my pnp was job offer based
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    PNP Residency Obligation

    I had 2 PR applications simultaneously one under bcpnp and other under CEC. Applied for PhD while waiting for my PR. Didn’t apply to a uni in bc but applied at UoT as it’s Canada’s top uni. My pnp based application was finally approved.
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    PNP Residency Obligation

    I lived in BC for 4 years before getting my PR. I have an opportunity to start PhD in Ontario. If I move now with just 3-4 months residency in BC as PR while total residency in BC more than 4 years, will it still be considered a possible case of misrepresentation?
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    CCB Eligibility if One Parent is Away

    I recently received PR being main applicant. My spouse is principal responsible for our kids and have been receiving CCB for more than 2 years. I have to go out of canada for 3 months urgently. Will it affect the CCB my spouse is receiving? Both my spouse and kids will remain in canada.
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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    Congrats, that was fast. I got BCPNP ITA on March 10, 2020 and got my PR last week