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    Waiting for CSQ after the medical (Mississauga VO)

    How is the Medical examination in details please? What did they do with u? How it worked? Type of examination? Could u please tell me?
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    I read on cic that on February they will start draw.
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    I do not know if they will give priority to those who have French acknowledge.
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    Arrima - permanent selection

    I do not know but I am still waiting CSQ since July 19 where I applied on line Arrima platform.
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    Arrima - permanent selection

    It means u have to go the icon (.....) then u click update my file. then u have to go to CONSENT make it visible.
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    Arrima - permanent selection

    I received the same yesterday.
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    Arrima - permanent selection

    I am still waiting for Arrima to send csq since July. I hope soon I can get.
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    Arrima 1st Draw

    Hi I am from Egypt. Did they start selecting people from Egypt? French is required? Please share. If I am invited how I know?
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    Arrima Applications - Invited in 2019 by MIDI

    Hi there I applied for declaration of interest July 2019 And I do not know when they will start the draw.