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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    Hi Any update on your profile. Mine also same like yours.
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    India PCC from Toronto

    Within 4 to 5 working days you will have that in your hand
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    Hi Let me know what details you need
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    India PCC from Toronto

    You must have created ARN in https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/. So check the status there.
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    India PCC from Toronto

    what is the current status in the BLS and embassy portal?
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    India PCC from Toronto

    My status in BLS website is showing as "In transit from Consulate General to BLS Center" for more that 2 days. Can anyone let me know when will this be dispatched. "BLS- Surrey (Vancouver)"
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    Processing time for ICT work permit

    Hello Experts, My company yesterday only filled ICT WP + SOWP. How many days it will take to get an response. is there any website to track the application. What will be the next process?