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    Going home during semester break...

    No ..my my studies of 1 year course ended in April 2022 which was started on September 2021...I applied for another course in September 2022 and was accepted and got my study permit extension approved till 2023...now I am in a 4 month break...whether I can go home and come back....my current trv...
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    Going home during semester break...

    My current visa is valid till September 2022
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    Going home during semester break...

    Hallo...my 1 year studies was ended in April and I am now in semester break....my next semester stars on April..I have got my Study permit extension till 2023..I am planning travel on June 10 and come back in June 29...Am I eligible for rentry. Will there be any pblms at port of entry.. Please...
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    Chances of study permit extension after the new course in a new province

    Hallo, I have a doubt. I have got 1 year study permit and doing a 8 months program.I am thinking of extending my study permit after this and I am moving to a new college in a new province for one more 1 year program.will it affects my study permit extension
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    Emirates Flight from India to Canada via Dubai

    No you have to take Rtpcr on third country travel
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    Indirect route from India

    I had a same issue...I am going from kochi to Muscat and then from Muscat to Frankfurt and finally to toronto.i have only a 2 hour layover in frankfurt with another air canada flight .i am taking and Rtpcr from muscat.do I have to again take Rtpcr from Frankfurt
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    Indirect route from India

    Hi,I have a transit flight from Frankfurt to Toronto on Dec 2 via Air Canada...my travel plan is kochi- Muscat - Frankfurt- Toronto But I am in doubt that whether Germany imposes lockdown due to COVID increase ..what should I do?
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    Will it affect my visa extension if I choose another course in another province after completing current

    I interested in another course in another province...I am not sure will it affect my study visa extension and are subjected to denial
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    Wrong address on the Biometric Instruction Letter

    We Hi was you able to give the biometric after difference in address
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    Hi do we have to submit all the documents that was uploaded in the application of sowp during biometric enrollment
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    SOWP July 2021 applicants

    Hey I have a query do we have to carry all documents in original in hand that we uploaded in application for biometric enrollment in sowp
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    Timeline for Spouse Open Work Permit (India)

    Hi I have a query.do we have to bring all documents original to visa application centre for biometric instruction letter
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    Indirect route from India

    Which is the best route apart from new Delhi to canada..does anyone recommend any gulf route ....where rtpcr can be done with minimal time and transit can be done
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    Old passport submission

    Guys anyone know about this.whether we have to produce old passport in ppr submission...or should i give only new passport...or should I produce both ?
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    Old passport submission

    Do i have to submit together
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    Old passport submission

    Anyone answer please
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    Old passport submission

    Hi I have a query.do i have to submit old passport for student visa submission.I have 2 passport.old one expired on March and it has a 2 year work visa stamped on 2011.do I need to submit that old passport too.or only the new passport is required for submission?
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    July visa re-applicants for Fall 2021 gather here

    Hi anyone got any decision?
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    BVL received, How long for ppr?

    1 you will not leave canada 2 your course is irrelevant