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    Which Pathway to Opt for CEC or OINP - International Grad Stream

    Hello everyone, as the title suggests I am midst of selecting which pathway to follow to apply for my PR in Canada. My scenario and details are mentioned below I need experts to advice me which path to choose and when to apply in my specific scenario. Thanks Graduated from Canadian DLI Working...
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    TRV passport stamping inside Canada

    It's sad to hear about this. I hope it does proceed with something and you can get any news. Keep us updated.
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    TRV passport stamping inside Canada

    Sorry to hear about that. That is very strange, as more than one month has passed since the passport was received. I would suggest you consider raising a webform now.
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    TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

    It seems like everyone can expect a 13-day timeframe ( including weekends) from the date of the passport being received to get a counterfoil update on the portal.
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    TRV passport stamping inside Canada

    Did you get counterfoil update for the application on the portal yet ?
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    Inland Sponsorship AOR Application Number differs from Open Work Permit ?

    Question 1: My wife & I have applied for both PR and open work permit in same application envelope. I received one application number on AOR. Just wondering if I will be receiving seperate application number for Open Work permit? Question 2: Right now, I am on Study Permit, having valid 9-SIN...