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  1. jigzyy

    Type 2 Diabetic and thyroid.. Want to carry insulin and tablets

    Generally you can carry medication for up to 3 months. But to be on the safe side, you should carry your diabetic medications for the next 4 ~ 6 months. Get a doctors note that these medications are necessary for your survival and due to Covid, you are unsure when you are going to fine a...
  2. jigzyy

    Emirates Flight to Toronto

    I'd prefer if you book a direct flight either thru Air India or Air Canada. Do not take a stop-over. You'll first have to go through documents check in India and then again in Dubai which can be quiet frustrating. See my comment here.
  3. jigzyy

    Winter 2020 Intake: (SDS/Non SDS) Pakistani Students Only

    No. You will not tell them that your sister is going to provide you the accommodation in Canada. Keep your file simple. If you are applying under SDS then 1 year tuition fee + GIC and means for future years education. If non-SDS then similar amount in your account + few thousand $ extra to prove...
  4. jigzyy

    New Travel Restrictions - does it apply to students?

    Currently, all international students have to take a covid test arranged by institutes with in quarantine period. At least that's the case in Ontario. What I can see is that institutes might deny personally arranged quarantine locations after the rules are out and instead they'll enforce...
  5. jigzyy

    visa refused

    Since you are already refused now, chances for a repeated refusal is far greater now. Do not risk your tuition fee by starting online classes. Get the visa BEFORE you enrol for classes now.
  6. jigzyy

    Etihad Airways from India to Toronto

    I expect there will be no issues BUT the carriers do give students hard time in transit. If you have an option to fly non-stop from Delhi to Toronto, I'll strongly suggest that route. I am a citizen of Canada and I recently accompanied an international student from Pakistan via Emirates (Dubai)...
  7. jigzyy

    Anyone travelled to Canada recently?

    As long as the place is quarantine-able, you will not have any issues. The other issue is, not all Airbnb owners accepting quarantine bookings. So you will have to communicate that clearly to Airbnb owner and make sure that they agree to it. You make sure that you have independent place to live...
  8. jigzyy

    Complete SDS application from Pakistan

    Most likely.
  9. jigzyy

    Complete SDS application from Pakistan

    Medicals aren't requested automatically if they are expired. Get them done ASAP.
  10. jigzyy

    PR Holder Sponsoring Siblings Studying in Canada

    Why not? He can apply on behalf of his brother thru his GC Account BUT to be successful in getting the visa, his brother has to absolutely nail down 3 things. 1- The choice of the program and the previous study record. Backlogs and/or below 50% will raise suspicion. 2- Prove strong home ties...
  11. jigzyy

    Scotiabank GIC Process to follow from Pakistan

    Is there an option to refund the amount in USD? Scotia might be refunding in CAD and that's why SAMBA refused to accept it since the account was in USD instead of CAD. Contact Scotia and ask them if they can refund in USD at whatever the rate is on that day.
  12. jigzyy

    SDS - whats wrong with it - Any updates - Any country - Any application dates

    Totally understand what you are trying to say. But it's kind of obvious that the timeline given by them (20 days) is of course not correct. They have mentioned this at other places that timelines are not correct due to pandemic and do not rely on this data. 20 days on the site does not imply...
  13. jigzyy

    No points in PR for online courses due to Covid 19

    Right now, there's still a lot of time when the first batch of students starts to finish 1 year course (Fall 2020) and IRCC has about 6 months to 1 year to revisit this policy. Worrying about something that hasn't been reviewed at the moment is of no use. Focus on visa/getting the necessary...
  14. jigzyy

    SDS - whats wrong with it - Any updates - Any country - Any application dates

    As for the OP @d@n!3 .. calm down.. there are at least 50-70 applications that are approved/closed on this forum + FB group in past two-three weeks alone. If you don't have the information, that doesn't mean nothing is happening. My relatives application (applied in July) was approved last...
  15. jigzyy

    SDS - whats wrong with it - Any updates - Any country - Any application dates

    Good luck complaining. Your application will be processed when it's time in queue comes up and that could be literally any day. Like yourself, there are thousands other applications that are pending for approval (and are getting processed/approved across the world). Due to AIP/pending...
  16. jigzyy


    Medical validity is only required for visa purposes and not for landing in Canada. It doesn't matter if your Medical is expired when you land.
  17. jigzyy

    september applicants sds

    You applied a week before Fall 2020 session and started classes online? Thats a huge risk for loosing tuition fee if the visa is not approved for some reason.
  18. jigzyy


    No. Mentioning Medical passed in GCMS doesn't matter to them. They know that is expired during process. Now it depends, they may ask for a fresh medical exam before issuing a OPR.