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  1. K

    Can I drive on UK driving licence

    I have UK driving license, please advice if I need to bring international driving licence in addition, Can I transfer UK driving license to Canada (Ontario) Driving license ? I will be landing next week. Thanks
  2. J

    Can I drive in Ontario with Indian Driving Licence(Card Licence) for 60 days?

    Hi Members, I have Indian Driving Licence (Card Licence in English)) I will be Immigrating to Canada in couple of months can I drive in ontario for first 60 days with current Indian Licence or I need to have IDL/IDP to drive ?I know with International Driving Licence(IDL) I Can drive in ontario...
  3. J

    Learn to Drive a car or want a driving Licence

    Pls contact, if u want to learn a driving, want to have a licence at Brampton or Mississauga call 6473883517
  4. R

    Can I use International driving licence to drive in Canada?

    Hello, Our permanent residence application for Canada immigration is through and soon we will be shifting to Toronto. I would like to know if I can use international driving licence to drive the car in Toronto. Appreciate if someone share his/her experience here.
  5. thefairy

    Driver licence

    Hello, I will be settling in Alberta and have a question about DL. I would like to obtain one from Alberta , I currently have a licence from USA ... Can I just surrender this to get my canadian dl? Will I need a test? Which one? I'm just interestedon getting a licence to drive just our simple...
  6. K

    Driving Licence

    I am from Bangladesh and got PR. I have my driving licence. Should I need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Canada? I will reside in Ontario.
  7. M

    driver's licence

    I am an Italian citizen living in BC, currently waiting for my common law visa papers to be approved. I have an Italian driver licence and I have been driving in Canada with an International driver permit obtained in Italy. Such permit is now expired and I will not go back to Italy for a year or...
  8. J

    Driving licence

    I have a indian license from almost 2 years and i am student in Gatineau quebec and i have a car of quebec licence plate and i want to go Toronto for 2 days only can i drive with my license and car
  9. H

    Can International Licence Holder(NEW Immigrant) can drive car

    Dear All I have got Immigration and going to Edmonton, AB in June for 2 months. I have International license . now please inform can i get rent-a-car and drive.. Is this allowed for New Immigrant who is going to canada for 2 months ? Please reply...! Regards hi-fi
  10. cannuckgirl

    Transferring Licence

    Hi guys! Hoping someone will be able to assist me. My husband is going to be landing hopefully in the very near future and we are trying to sort out the whole licence issue. My concern is that he literally JUST got his licence....pretty sad right, haha. So on the Ontario drive test site it...
  11. hopetoland

    driving licence

    hi guys a new question, my husband lost his licence because of drinking and driving ??? ??? ??? :'( :'( :'( here in germany. he paid the fine, he wasn´t allowed to drive for over one year. :-[ :-[ :-[ in august he goes back to canada and he will need a driving licence. does he have to redo...
  12. M

    Driving Licence

    Hello.I am having international driving license issued by indian government in 2016.Can i drive with that license in ontario region
  13. spacey

    Provisional Licence

    I am wondering if anyone has landed in Ontario with a Learners/Provisional Licence from the UK and had your years of experience recognised and how that worked. My husband had his provisional for three years he has been driving and took lessons unfortunately because of travels and finances he...
  14. P

    Driving licence.

    my husband is from Portugal and is now a permanent resident in Canada. He has a valid license from Portugal, we are leaving for 2 weeks to Portugal in December. coming back in, will he be able to drive in Canada for up to 3 months?
  15. G

    International Driving Licence

    Can I drive with "International Driving Licence" immidiately after landing? Please guide me Thanks
  16. britincanada

    Ontario Drivers Licence??

    Can I apply for an Ontario Drivers Licence (I didnt drive in the UK) with my British Passport and Visitors Record or do I have to have PR??
  17. S

    G 1 Driving Licence

    Sir, I am on PG 1 visitor visa i want to apply for G 1 Driving Licence in Ontario ,Mississauga .I want to stay here in Canada for 23 month. want to Drive a car for personal purpose/Domestic need. I have 32 years experience of car driving in India (Government of India Service) and having...
  18. A

    Learning to drive in Alberta - does any time with a UK provisional licence count?

    Hi all, I've received my COPR here in the UK and need to be in Canada by October 2023. I'm currently learning to drive here and I'm trying to decide whether to complete the process here and delay my move in the hope that I pass my UK test on the 28th July (with little second chance because...
  19. S

    Ontario Driving Licence

    Hi, I m UAE resident and pakistani natioanl..I have uae driving licence issued in may 2015 and I have driving licence of pak which was issued in jan 2013 as I used to drive in pakistan earlier . MY question is this is uae license and iternational driving licence of uae is sufficient for ontario...
  20. kana1306

    Indian Driving Licence

    Hi All. Can you help me with the below? Can I drive in Ontario with an Indian Driving Licence which is not more than 2 years old. I also do not have the DL extract. If yes, for how many months? How much time it takes to get a canadian G1 licence.