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  1. Johnny31

    My Ielts score is 5.5?

    If you google this - I'm sure you can find more information about it. Just search for schools in Ontario and look up its requirements
  2. Johnny31

    IELTS Test Result Date

    You should be able to see your results ONLINE on the 20th but you won't receive the paper copy until the next week
  3. Johnny31

    Schools in Canada accept IELTS score less than 5.00

    I doubt the message is legitimate! - please be careful!
  4. Johnny31

    FSW 2014 applicants from Nigeria - Let's network

    Awesome news! Best of luck to you!
  5. Johnny31

    Ielts 5.5 Score

    Your scores are too long - retake the exam is your only way to go
  6. Johnny31

    Ielts result

    Hi - your scores are below the minimum requirements for most school unfortunately
  7. Johnny31

    IELTS shows it's available

    Were you able to register?