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    Advice needed

    Are you in Canada? If yes what is your status? Just asking you this as how will you get a WO without a LMIA. Y
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    TEER System

    I feel your pain but unfortunately PR is a privilege and not a right.
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    CEC work experience

    This is known as misrepresentation. It have very serious consequences. I would suggest keep working and gain the required 1560 hours of experience in Canada. Anyhow there are no CEC draws going on
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    Next CEC Draw

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    *Urgent Advise Needed* Received e-mail to create portal account for PNP-PR application and CEC-PR is still in progress

    You need to take advice from a professional now. If they have approved your PR application that means you are now a permanent resident and probably your second application will not be processed. @scylla if you can please provide some guidance here
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    CEC | Express Entry - Adding Spouse after TRV Refused

    After your marriage the approval chances are quite strong. In the TRV she did by had any strong ties with Her home country as it is quite obvious that the officer thinks that since you are in Canada she wont leave Canada as you would be there. You should not have applied for a TRV if you were...
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    CEC | Express Entry - Adding Spouse after TRV Refused

    You can add her under the existing application only after your marriage as you would need to provide the marriage certificate.
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    CEC - PR Status Change

    Only after CoPR. Your CoPR will have the statement saying became a PR on date (Date when CoPR is issued)
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    Reference letter

    You can look into duties for 4012 and see if that aligns. It’s a tough situation but you can prove your employment with paystubs, your I’d card given by the org, your offer letter. Your pay revision letters etc. but you also need to have job duties mentioned in the box code. Once you get all...
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    Reference letter

    You need to also prove your job duties and Roles apart from proving your employement. Do you have any Jody description etc. that mentioned the roles for the position you have been working on ?
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    PR Application got canceled for this reason: Dependents not included in application

    They just want all the details to be included in the application. For example if you have worked for a company and you are not claiming any points for the work experience they don’t ask for the documentation for the job but it should be included in your personal history
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Good to hear that bro. I was waiting for this news and used to check in just to see this message from you. I know this wait was tough. Now sir back and relax
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    ******March 2021 AOR********

    I know that the wait is always very painful but you need to understand they just don’t just verify your work history. During security and criminality they share information with allied nations like Autstalia, UK, USA to check if you have any criminal records which sometimes take time. Hopefully...
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    Query- CEC

    I must say you are a very far sighted person. There are a no of things that you have not considered: 1. You can never be sure of getting an ITA exactly after 1 year. IRCC is very unpredictable, remember there is no FSW draw since almost 9 months and if they start FSW draws there are a lot of...
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Really happy for you brother, it was a long wait
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    PR card time line through pr confirmation portal..!!!

    Yes we can apply with COPR
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    PR card time line through pr confirmation portal..!!!

    Sin no is issued by Service Canada. IRCC won’t provide it to you. You have to either apply it online or walk-in to service Canada (check if appointment is required at your local office for visits) Online application can be made at https://sin-nas.canada.ca/en/Sin/
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    New PR confirmation portal

    All the best mate. May you get rid of all the worries today.
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    New PR confirmation portal

    I have a seen a lot of people in the forum who have done that and they have received the COPRs. You should be fine