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    Proof Of Fund query

    How about Post Office recurring deposit account? Can that be shown as POF? It is more than 2 years old and is encashable at any time now. If yes, what kind of documents would I have to prepare?
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    Certified Internal Auditor

    As the name specifies WES (World Education Services) does evaluation only for educational degrees. CIA, CISA, CISM are professional certifications and would not fetch any points.
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    Pl Share you EE score out of 600

    My points until Nov-2015. Post that it'll change based on age I have 416 points Age: 90 (31 yrs) Education: 112 (B.Tech - 4 Year degree) Language: 119 (CLB 10, 9 ,9, 9) Spouse: 20 (12 for language, 8 for education) Skill transferability: 75 for foreign work experience and language.
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    FSW 2014 - MASTER THREAD - 2171/ 2172/ 2173/ 2174 SERIES

    Hi Vinu By saying 'Get ready for EE', what exactly do you mean? As far as I know, calculating the points is the only new stuff. It'll be really helpful If you can provide us a list of things which would vary from the current FSW process. It is going to be an online procedure, so I think...
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    Credential assessment for express entry

    In the new EE, is it required to get WES assessment for spouse also ??
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    FSW 2014 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Did they request for any additional documents / information ?? Or they just stated their opinion (I mean have they made any decision on your application)?
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    help on PR appl from india

    Sir, do you have any degree besides this? The best way to check if this is recognised is through WES. Try https://www.wes.org/ca/preliminary/poe.asp?
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    help on PR appl from india

    Try www.milestoneimmigration.com/pointcalculator.aspx
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    Indian Guys need help in selection of bank for paying visa processing fees

    I heard from many that ICICI is really good and the best choice
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    Seniors help me forgot to write full name in native language

    Magi, Can you confirm if the maid Id is CIO‑Sydney‑Search‑Enquiry@cic.gc.ca ?? I did the same mistake and need to send a scanned copy
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    background checks

    Thanks Susana. Can you let me know if any experience out of selected NOC is counted for points?
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    evaluation report issue

    WES would not send copy to CIC. You would have to attach the original WES evaluation report along with other stuff while sending your application.
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    What Next...

    In which of these stages do we get any number assigned to our file? When can we begin to check the online status?
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    background checks

    I have already sent my application. But after reading this thread I have 2 doubts. 1) Is it absolutely necessary to send a Business card of my boss? I got the experience letter from HR department. So what is the significance of Boss's business card? 2) I have a total of 8+ years of experience...
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    Can I directly send the transcript to WES without through the University

    Have you received the required transcripts in a sealed envelope??
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    Negative Settlement Funds?

    Have you bought a house with the loan as per (b) ?? If yes, You should add its value in your assets (a). Otherwise this looks like you have more liabilities than assets. Response to (c) should be the cash amt you mentioned in (a)
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    spreadsheet add

    Same question.. Also tell me how did you add those details under your name?