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    Check the job offer letter.

    ALOFT MONTREAL AIRPORT HOTELS 500 MCMILLAN AVE., MONTRÉAL, QC H9P 0A2, CANADA TEL: +1 514 446 9421 E-MAIL: info@aloftmontreal-airport.com www.aloftmontreal-airport.com Name of Employee: HOSSAIN MDSHAHADAT. 13/2/2023 Nationality: BANGLADESHI...
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    Check the job offer letter.

    GATEWAYE CONSTRUCTION GATEWAY CONSTRUCTION M.+1(587)850 2025 #320-3460 Keele St, North York, ON M3J 1L9, Canada NAME: MOHAMMAD RAFEZ PASSPORT NO.: BY0444954 OBJECT: Letter of Agreement REF NO. 2123/JAN/8466 DATE:- 24-01-2023 Subject: Hiring of Foreign Natonal Worker with LMIA approval...