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    Étudier et travailler au canada

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    Is it true you can't just move to Quebec?

    The restrictions do not apply to colleges universities, or to private schools that do not accept government subsidies. ( recently a change happened to the percentage of people that can be accepted in english Cegep ) As a general rule, only these children can attend an English school in Quebec...
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    Application procress

    a simple answer to the question ,processing time as announced by IRCC is at 39 months , you are way ahead in the process a little patience will do and you will get there ...
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    Can a dependant of an asylum seeker

    age of the dependant ? student ? skills ?...
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    Needed sponsor

    start with the link below : https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/family-sponsorship/other-relatives/who-you-can-sponsor.html
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2023

    thats the value of a co-signer ,she is the only one that can sponsor her parents and with you co-signing with her you will both meet the income requirements .( one of you is enough to cover the financial needs in this case ,for sure after co-signing )
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    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2023

    if the main question is related to your wife being a new PR its not an issue ,whats left is the financial requirements https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/family-sponsorship/sponsor-parents-grandparents/eligibility.html
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    Immigration au Canada

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    Immigration à Québec

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    Is it mandatory to have health insurance at all times in Quebec?

    You don’t qualify for your employer health benefits without having RAMQ first. How so ?!! if that was the case then the employer would have asked for a proof of insurtance before granting the private insurance .
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    Relative sponsorship (need guidance)

    in 2020 ,you mentioned that you are short of meeting financial requirements , jan 2022 your MoM was approved for a supervisa ,now you meet requirements and you have no one but your brother ,should you need the assistance of the forum please clarify these matters to get the right answers.
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    Is it mandatory to have health insurance at all times in Quebec?

    In Québec and Canada , you need a health insurance card to receive services at no cost in a health facility. so its more like a provided service , and its on you when it comes to paying the full fees if you dont apply for it( wondering why you didnt apply for it yet ??!! ).having an RAMQ...
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    Demande d'informations

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    Family Sponsors- Missing Info Question IMM 5406

    1344 form If you apply online: Do not print the 2D barcode form. Do not use the “signature panel” button at the top of the application. Save the form on your computer in a place you’ll remember. Upload the form to your account. After you upload all the forms for your application, click the...
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    Expert opinion about Supervisa reapplication/extention if my parents don't avail it

    what type of visa they have presently and when it was issued ?
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    How the assault charge on me affects sponsoring my husband to get a PR

    Section 266 is the lowest form of basic assault often referred to as "assault simpliciter".IRCC will assess based on your case though. Good luck
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    PR online Portal Photos

    you can actually scan front and back of the photo on one document and upload it accordingly ,but your problem is beyond what you are describing its a technical problem maybe related to the format you are loading .