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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    Any idea from GCMS notes?
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    PEO Delaying US Bachlor Degree Holders Applications for Credential Evaluations?

    I read on some forums here that PEO on purpose delays EIT and PENG applications for top universities US Bachelor Degree holders for God knows what reasons. Is that true? I myself have been waiting for so long and they keep saying it's in the queue. What are or were your processing times and how...
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    Submit PR Application into Pool with Graduation Eligibility Letter and Transcripts and no Degree yet

    Is it possible to get into PR pool with Graduation Eligibility Letter and Transcripts because graduation will take time and diploma will be received later. If no, then why is this acceptable for PGWP and not PR? Please respond only if you know for sure.
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    Degree Completion letter or Diploma?

    So what is it? Letter of Completion acceptable or not???
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    Apply for PR in final semester yet to graduate?

    Hi all, Please help me decide if I should apply for PR in my final semester. Will I get full points for the education and is it better to apply for PGWP first or PR?
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    Guys I got my study permit extension approved just today in the account status. My eligibility review started Friday and I submitted my application on 18th June. I did not get any message in my account about how they will mail my permit to me. Can anyone tell me what is happening?