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    Sponsor getting Canadian Citizenship while application is in process

    Hello everyone, I applied to sponsor my spouse back in September 2021 when I was a PR. Now, I'll be having my citizenship oath ceremony in a few days, so I had a couple of questions: 1) Do I need to inform the VO regarding sponsor's change of status (from PR to citizen)? 2) When I soon become a...
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    Very quiet here these days. Looks like LVO is not doing much :(
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    DECEMBER 2021 *OUTLAND* Spousal Sponsorship

    1. Yes, this is your AOR. Congrats! 2. You should be able to link it now. Are you entering all the information correctly? For example, the number of applicants has to be 2.
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    1. Yes, there is a confirmation email on the email with which you created the portal account. You also get a submitted status. 2. You won't get a temporary file number (unless you call them) - AOR is currently taking around 90-100 days. 3. PA's email address
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    Anyone from July/August/September 2021 who has received pre arrival or ppr?
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    DECEMBER 2021 *OUTLAND* Spousal Sponsorship

    I don't think thats an issue, because it specifically asks for the PA's date of birth and the email address is the enquirer's (yours).
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    DECEMBER 2021 *OUTLAND* Spousal Sponsorship

    Hi, the same thing happened to me as well. I submitted through the webform, and I received a reply in 2 weeks saying that they had received my marriage certificate.