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  1. 21Goose

    Canadian Passport in person timeline

    I took my oath on 19 Apr 2022, got the Cit. cert on 21st, went and stood in line for five hours on the 22nd (6:30 AM - 11:30 AM) at the Yonge St. Office, and got my passport today, Apr 28. I am travelling on Saturday Apr 30. They asked to see my tickets at the counter. The long initial wait was...
  2. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Also I did receive my citizenship certificate in two days - oath on 19th, cert delivered by Purolator on 21. I then applied for my passport on the 22nd and I’ll have it in the 28th. So far it’s been smooth sailing.
  3. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Put the agents name in the subject line and attach the signed form. That’s all you need to do.
  4. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Flight tickets and a letter explaining why you’re travelling. I got one from my company since it’s a work trip.
  5. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    No, it’s the same for both of us (Scarborough).
  6. 21Goose

    Mississauga Passport Office in person - Experience Today

    Mine was slightly better. I’m flying to the US for work next week, so I needed my passport. I went to the office on Yonge St. (Joeseph Shepard building) yesterday, April 22 Got there at 6:45 AM, there were about 40 people ahead of me. we queued up in the plaza till about 7:30 at which time...
  7. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    They told me that it could be at least 2 months if I wanted to cancel and reschedule. I chose not to.
  8. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    I became a citizen today! Also asked for urgent processing for the citizenship certificate (with supporting docs) and the clerk assured me that she’ll mail the certificate tomorrow. My wife took her oath on Apr 13 and received the certificate today (Apr 19). We didn’t ask for urgent processing...
  9. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Does anyone here know the process to expedite the citizenship certificate? I just saw my tracker update with Oath invitation for April 19. Scarborough office I have to travel to the US for work on Apr 29, so I really need the certificate ASAP so I can get the Canadian passport before I travel...
  10. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Thanks. Mine is SCR as well. BG and citizenship test are completed, everything else still says “In Progress”.
  11. 21Goose

    Please help | Can someone please let me know if it is mandatory to have Canadian passport to surrender Indian passport?

    If you are a Canadian citizen now, you can surrender your Indian passport. You don’t have to have a Canadian passport. However, how will surrendering your Indian passport help you travel faster??
  12. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Yeah, I passed on the 19th as well. My status updated today (23rd Nov) to Citizenship Test completed. My background is also complete. Now I'm just waiting for the oath. I'm an online applicant, no idea which office is processing my application. How does one find this out?
  13. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Thank you, I appreciate the detailed answer.
  14. 21Goose

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Any guesses on how much a fingerprint request delays the process? Assuming the prints are submitted immediately?
  15. 21Goose


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burden_of_proof_(philosophy)#Proving_a_negative "It is an argument from ignorance to argue your claim should be considered true because the opposite claim is easier to prove and has not been proven. "
  16. 21Goose

    What is the answer to - Are you a lawful permanent resident of US with a valid USCIS number?

    Answer "No" because he isn't a permanent resident. He's a citizen.
  17. 21Goose

    Misrepresentation+5 Years inadmissibility

    Agree with K.H.P. I don't see any reason to worry.
  18. 21Goose

    Dropped degree

    No, it will not.
  19. 21Goose

    Can Deported from other countries apply for Canada Express Entry

    Yes. If you try lying about this, you can expect a five-year ban. Changing a passport doesn't mean that your immigration history can't be found.
  20. 21Goose

    IELTS expired after ITA and before AOR ?????

    Yes, if you're reaching the deadline you can submit. Make sure you include a letter explaining why you don't have the PCC, and include any documents that show that you have applied for it (a receipt or something like that).