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    Banglore to Toronto on 15th of Dec by cathay pacific

    Is there anyone who is travelling to Toronto from bangalore by cathay pacific.. Please ping me..
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    Students to centennial Jan 2020

    When you guys are traveling to Canada for Jan 2020 intake.. Especially centennial students...
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    Original documents urgent... Plss

    I completed UG from bangalore university. I received only provisional yet. I'm going in Jan intake for biotechnology fastrack in centennial. My visa got approved last month. Is it compulsory to submit original degree after coming to centennial.. Or only provisional is enough? Do we need to...
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    Students for centennial college biotechnology advanced fastrack anybody here

    Is there anyone coming to cenetennial for Jan 2020 biotechnology advanced fastrack?
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    Centennial college january 2020 intake accommodation

    Im going to centennial college for Jan intake and I'm in a search for roommate from INDIA. South Indians are more preferable. If anybody interested plss gather here
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    Centennial college january 2020.under visa process

    I got offer for biotechnology advanced in centennial for Jan. And I will file visa by the end of this month. Anyone with offer letter from centennial plss update time line.
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    Students for centennial pls share your update

    Anybody with offer letter?
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    Centennial Jan 2020 International students plsss gather here

    Anybody received offer letter?
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    Centennial biotechnology advanced

    Anyone here for centennial Jan intake
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    Jan 2020 intake kerala students

    Anyone who applied for Jan intake?
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    Students for January intake 2020 centennial college

    Anyone applied for Jan 2020 intake centennial college
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    Centennial college food science technology 2020 Jan intake

    When college starts to take admission for Jan 2020 intake for food science technology fastrack.? Actually I have applied for September on June 7th but didn't received any reply. But portel is closed. I had 87%in bsc, 96%in 12th and 100%in 10th. What I will do.? 6.5 in ielts.