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  1. akbardxb

    US arrival stamp on Canadian passport

    I recently made two trips out of Canada and on both occasions transited in the US - once via Chicago and more recently via New York. Arriving in Chicago on the way back, they scanned my passport and I carried on to the connecting flight to YYZ while arriving in NY- JFK, they stamped my passport...
  2. akbardxb

    Citizenship application from India

    For all practical purposes, one cannot apply for citizenship while being outside Canada without misrepresentation. Your last absence from Canada has not ended while you are outside Canada as well as the place your are signing your application at is outside Canada. For cybersecurity, you are...
  3. akbardxb

    Interview with Citizenship Officer

    Personal interviews were the norm pre-covid. This is nothing to worry about. Stick to the facts. Don't offer more information than is necessary. If you have a history of travel during your eligibility period, ensure that there is absolutely no ambiguity or room for doubt to prove your stay in...
  4. akbardxb

    Urgent: Travel after Oath

    Sorry for your loss. My condolences to you. Unfortunately, at this stage, there are not too many options. Even if you were to get your certificate on Monday, you would still need at least 48 hrs for the issue of a passport and then another two days minimum to get an eVisa for travel, unless you...
  5. akbardxb

    Indian passport surrender

    It's a scam. If you are a family of 3-4 individuals, rest assured at least one person's photo will be rejected. Don't waste your time and money outside, just ask them to click them and take everyone there. The maths is very simple - if they reject an average of 50 photos everyday, the salary...
  6. akbardxb

    Minor 1st Canadian Passport

  7. akbardxb

    Relative meets requirements, but would need to come back to Canada, apply and leave shortly after, realistic ?

    One can apply and leave Canada, however, there are implications on PR status depending on how long the application takes and time spent by applicant outside Canada. For now, online tests / interviews are still in place - future position of IRCC on these issues remains to be seen. Maybe they will...
  8. akbardxb

    India eVisa experience, timeline

    On arrival in India they didn't ask about our previous citizenship, even though they can see place of birth as India and know. I was photographed and finger printed, so was my daughter. Immigration wasn't an issue as much as the overall airport experience in Delhi was. On the way back we...
  9. akbardxb

    Entry Visa to go to India

    Yes. eVisa takes a couple of days only, in my experience. Simple and quick. Even if you get your Cdn passport, by April 15, you still have enough time to get an eVisa.
  10. akbardxb

    Send application package again due to being rejected on first attempt

    1. Yes, redo. 2. Since the application was rejected, consider this time as lost time.
  11. akbardxb

    eVisa delays? Please help with any advice

    There is no difference between tourist and entry for all practical purposes. You can't apply for eVisa before 30 days. We had multiple entry on eVisa.
  12. akbardxb

    Indian passport surrender

    BLS have a daily quota for rejected photos. I would highly recommend the family going there together at one shot and get it out of the way.
  13. akbardxb

    eVisa delays? Please help with any advice

    I got an eVisa for my daughter 2-3 days. Applied in Jan for travel in Feb. Why do you need to talk to BLS for eVisa?
  14. akbardxb

    Wanted to Apply for Citizenship of daughter along with me who is a PR staying outside Canada

    It's not guess, but a certainty. There is no way to end the 'last absence from Canada' without being in Canada.
  15. akbardxb

    Indian Surrender Certificate Application Returned due to not having Canadian passport

    Sorry to hear this. BLS / CGI are difficult to work with. Unfortunately you don't have too many options. You can appeal this, but unlikely to get a favourable response. BLS is making big money on courier charges and rejection of photographs - I am certain the margins / commissions are huge and...
  16. akbardxb

    Oath Ceremony Travel plan questions

    Having travel plans does not give automatically give IRCC the right to reschedule the oath. They will ask you if you have travel plans and would like to postpone your oath, because the certificate may be delayed and they will not guarantee expedited delivery. It's your choice if you want to go...
  17. akbardxb

    MP Congratulatory letter

    I got mine after 6 months; rest of the family didn't get any, even after three years. :)
  18. akbardxb

    How to apply for Canadian citizenship from outside Canada?

    RO may have been met for the moment and be eligible for citizenship but continued absence from Canada, would have implications on PR status before AOR, test / interview and finally oath. OP may want to bear this in mind.
  19. akbardxb

    How to apply for Canadian citizenship from outside Canada?

    Remote working / maybe request for 60 days grace before joining / consider commuting daily If it's like Detroit or Buffalo or a similar border proximity combination. If it's only a question of two months, a little hardship like a daily commute, if possible, may be totally worth it.
  20. akbardxb

    How to apply for Canadian citizenship from outside Canada?

    Each time someone asks about applying for citizenship from outside Canada, my question remains, how does one give a date for the end of your 'last absence from Canada' without misrepresentation while continuing to be outside Canada. Any blog or website that claims otherwise is giving incorrect...